AFL State of Origin Teams

I did used to really enjoy State Of Origin footy but it’s obviously not ever coming back.

At this time of year you see a few hypothetical teams thrown up that I personally find interesting to have a browse through and see how they might shape up.

I saw this one before. The Allies team would actually be pretty solid these days.


That SA team is diabolical compared to the rest


I reckon the Victorian team is strongest, then the WA team quite a bit better than the other two. Probable not a heap separating South Australia and the Allies. I think I’d still back SA to edge out the Allies.

My comment about the Allies in my original post wasn’t so much that I thought they looked an amazing team but just that it shaped up better than I was expecting without having given it much thought…

the sa seems insanely good, definitely prefer it over the wa team

Haha onya Saucy

the guy pfp is kfc chicken buckets? yeh that aint me, besides what wrong with simply saying the sa team is better

Who’s playing on Charlie Cameron or Izak Rankine in that Vic defence?

Haha good point. Not too many accountable defenders back there are there!

they could do with a certain andrew mcgrath ngl

Allies should include international players


Randomly Generated Draw
Vic v Allies - Vics wins a close one
SA vs WA - WA in a rinsing


Vic vs WA - Vic in a close one

wa aint rinsing sa lmao

Even with Reddog the WA forwardline is pounding that SA backline

Wilkie Ballard (two top 5 defenders this year) plus cox and reddog? Wa forward line wont do much

That Vic defence is going to be damn close to the AA defence this year.

Moore, N.Daicos, Sicily - basically hand them the jacket now. The other three will be there or thereabouts, probably all in the squad of 40.

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I hate the allies concept. Nsw and QLD need to be stand alone state sides. In fact, nsw could likely beat s.a these days.

I’ve always thought if you split Vic into metro and country, it would work so much better as the whole concept is ruined by Vic being too strong (over 60 percent of players come from Victoria). The 2 Vic sides would still be the 2 strongest teams, but it gives w.a and s.a a chance.

Vic metro, Vic country, w.a, nsw, s.a, qld, tas, n.t, play them across 4 matches, would be awesome.


Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landside,
No escape from reality
Open your eyes,
Look up to the skies and see,


It’s all theoretical as it won’t happen anyway obviously but how many players from Queensland are there even in the competition? And then from there you obviously still would have to produce a balanced team. You’d probably be picking dudes who play for Southport and what not to even field a balanced team wouldn’t you?

Over 50 players from nsw, over 30 players from qld in the AFL. The QLD backline would basically be Harris Andrews, Jack Payne and Allir. Keep forwards would be Charlie Dixon, Eric hipwood, maybe chol in there too, with Charlie Cameron as one of the smalls.

It would be a relatively strong team and will only get stronger in the next few years with so many stars coming through the gold coast academy.

Here is a nsw team, includes ACT players that have lived in NSW. This team would beat s.a these days imo. It would be great for promotion of the game in the northern states if we had a nsw and qld afl origin team.

Saw this on another footy forum so couldn’t get it all in.


SA have the best defence beside victoria, any state would struggle to beat theam