AFLW 2022(B) fixture - more games to be moved?

1 Saturday, Aug 27 (Seven) Hawthorn ETU Stadium (Port Melbourne) Home 7:10pm
2 Sunday, Sep 4 (Seven) Carlton ETU Stadium (Port Melbourne) Home 11:10am
3 Sunday, Sep 11 (Foxtel) West Coast Eagles Mineral Resources Park Away 4:10pm
4 Sunday, Sep 18 (Foxtel) Richmond ETU Stadium (Port Melbourne) Home 2:10pm
5 Friday, Sep 23 (Foxtel) Collingwood AIA Centre Away 3:10pm
6 Sunday, Oct 2 (Seven) Brisbane Lions Moreton Bay Central Sports Compl Away 12:10pm
7 Sunday, Oct 9 (Foxtel) Geelong Cats Reid Oval (Warrnambool) Home 1:10pm
8 Saturday, Oct 15 (Foxtel) Sydney IKON Park Home 3:10pm
9 Sunday, Oct 23 (Foxtel) Melbourne Casey Fields Away 5:10pm
10 Friday, Oct 28 to Sunday Oct 30 Port Adelaide Alberton Oval Away TBC


Per the Herald-Sun – I’m assuming the headline and summary is not deceptive…

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 8.38.04 pm

EDIT: CodeSport agrees, and adds detail on what ground will be used in Sydney. Fair to say this is the first of many planned leaks over the next week.


Interesting venue thought maybe FC Park to get a big crowd in.

With the new lights I’m guessing it will be a night game, and possibly the first of the season. But yes, it’s not an ambitious location to start at.


What a missed opportunity. This was an opportunity to launch our inaugural season with a statement. I want Essendon to be the first club to create a marquee fixture for the girls. Make it happen Essendon. Our only limitation is ourselves. A great opportunity to become a leader in the AFLW too…


Are they scheduling round one in the week of the mens pre finals bye?

Essendon vs Hawthorn would fill FC Park.

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Why not Marvel?


Told the AFLW fixture will drop today…

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AFLW Fixture is live


No games at Windy Hill or the Hanger???

I assume Windy Hill is out because of cricket season.

Why no games at the Hanger? Wasn’t it just renovated with lights and women’s change rooms.

Why aren’t we playing at Windy Hill?

What is Reid Oval? Edit. Warrnambool.

Windy Hill will be out for cricket from the start of October. But then again so is North Port and we are playing 3 games there.


Yeah I was going to ask the same question - why are all the home games at Port Melbourne?

I assume this is a temporary arrangement.

Its an absolute ball ache to get to crowds would suffer.

I know ■■■■ carlton and all but we really should be playing at FC Park if we can’t play at Windy Hill.

Surely they will eventually move the season to be in step with the men?
Ground availability from August to October is a bit of a nightmare. Crows are reasonably happy at Norwood and Port at Alberton but facilities aren’t great and can only fit 10-15k tops.

North Port Oval on a Winter’s night. That will be fresh.

Looks like I am going to Perth, and then flying out of the country from there, probably 5 hours after this match ends.

Has the club explained the home ground situation, Port Melbourne is rubbish.