AFLW 2023 bonus poaching period (March 1-8) + trades (March 10-20)

There was an article on the AFLW site yesterday talking about the Priority Signing Period (PSP they are calling it), explaining that most expansion sides won’t be able to sign absolute top line players as there is a maximum number of 2 ‘tier 1 contract’ player spots. Ours I would imagine would almost certainly already be taken by Maddy and Bonnie.

There are question marks over the number of tier one payment slots (a maximum of two) still available at expansion clubs, with the vast majority believed to have already been filled last year in the initial list builds.
It means PSP players are much more likely to be tier three players looking to move to tier two, with the odd exception like the potential Chloe Molloy switch to Sydney.


AFLW site reporting Chloe Molloy has informed the Pies she wants out and is heading to Sydney.

Pies having a fire sale: Molloy, Lambert, vice-captain Chiocci.

If Chiocci and Lambert go, our staff need to get in the ear of Davey and Bonnici quick and say “look, the ship is sinking, it’s time to get in a life raft”.


Any word on who we are trying to poach?

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I see on Ch 10 news that Georgie Prespakis just bought a block of land in Sunbury.

She’s coming home.


I’ve written more about her than anyone else here, but in the context that we’re not allowed to poach her (and you know the rule was written precisely to cover that)… how is this news?

I guess we could trade for her next month???

(She’s from Sunbury.)

Or she is planning on building this season in prep for being with us next season.

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We’d need to tank this year to have good enough draft picks!

Anything is possible as the rules are changing frequently.

Maybe if the Bin Chickens stay ■■■■ they’ll keep gifting the four youngest teams extra poaching periods :crazy_face:

75 minutes (assuming no congestion) is an annoying commute.

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If we could sign and trade…… make it happen!

I’ve used this before, but if so we also need to poach Patrikios for our midfield to give commentators conniptions.

Georgia Nanscawen
Georgia Patrikios
Georgie Prespakis
Maddy Prepakis


One person’s suggestions for poaching (hint: they’re not the big flashy names).


Number of players eligible to leave their club via PSP

Adelaide: 22 players eligible, can lose up to five players
Brisbane: 24, can lose up to five players
Carlton: 18, can lose up to one player
Collingwood: 25, can lose up to two players (one of which will be Chloe Molloy)
Essendon: 12, can lose up to one player
Fremantle: 18, can lose up one player
Geelong: 18, can lose up to two players
Gold Coast: 18, can lose up to one player
Greater Western Sydney: 19, can lose up to one player
Hawthorn: Nine, can lose up to one player
Melbourne: 22, can lose up to five players
North Melbourne: 17, can lose up to five players
Port Adelaide: 13, can lose up to one player
Richmond: 21, can lose up to two players
St Kilda: 22, can lose up to one player
Sydney: 11, can lose up to one player
West Coast: 15, can lose up to one player
Western Bulldogs: 25, can lose up to two players

We need to upgrade our defence, so Single (if she can play as a rebounding defender) and Wilson sound good.

Bloody hell this would be massive for Hawthorn. We wouldn’t be able to afford someone like Bates, but hope we are aiming for similar quality players as Bodey and Svarc. Absolutely cannot get overtaken by Hawthorn please

Fellow Adelaide key-position player Montana McKinnon also has interest from Port Adelaide, Essendon and Greater Western Sydney


(OK, wait one more hour.)

What about those players who signed two-year contracts recently?

If a player chooses to take an opportunity with an expansion club within the PSP rules, but is signed to a multi-year contract, they may break that contract without consequence.

As if they don’t know who it is.

Not sure if anything new here.

THE UPCOMING AFLW Draft will be held on Tuesday April 4, with the League confirming only mature-aged players will be available.

As reported by last October, this draft will feature only players born in 2004 or prior and is designed to be a stop-gap measure after two seasons were held in 2022 due to the competition’s re-alignment from summer to spring.

The majority of the best 2004-born talent, like Montana Ham and Jasmine Fleming, was already selected in the draft last June, prior to the second season of last year.

April’s draft will be known as the 'AFLW Season Eight Supplementary Draft’.

It was confirmed last week that players would have the option to nominate for either a national pool or their home state. Tasmanians have the option of choosing North Melbourne (due to an alliance), a specific state or the national pool, while Northern Territorians have the latter two options.

Clubs will not have to take a minimum of three list spots into the draft, as has been the case in previous years, with some potentially not participating at all given the reduced talent pool.

The draft order will be confirmed on Friday, March 24. In previous years, the basis of the draft order has been the reverse ladder order, meaning theoretically, Sydney would have pick No.1 if it has a spot on offer.

Train-on players are expected to feature heavily, with some clubs keen to stick to what they already know, while state-league talent and former AFLW players are also in the mix.

The SANFLW will play seven rounds before April’s draft, with four weeks of the WAFLW and two weeks of the VFLW to have also been completed by April 4. The QAFLW will not have started, while both AFL Sydney and Canberra are yet to confirm their season dates.

Players born in 2005 (who, for the most part, are completing year 12 this year) will be eligible for the draft ahead of the 2024 AFLW season.

The new Priority Signing Period will open on Wednesday at 9am AEDT, closing at 2pm on Wednesday, March 8, with compensation to be determined the following day.

Key AFLW player movement dates

Wednesday March 1, 9am
AFLW Priority Signing Period opens

Wednesday March 8, 2pm
AFLW Priority Signing Period closes

Thursday March 9
PSP compensation determined

Friday March 10, 12pm
Sign and Trade period commences
Rookie signing period commences

Wednesday March 15, 9am
AFLW Season Eight Supplementary Draft nominations open

Friday March 17, 5pm
Final date for players on a two-year (2022/2023) contract to accept or decline their 2023 offer

Monday March 20
Final date for clubs to offer a contract to existing players (11am)
Sign and Trade Period, Restricted Free Agency (for those offered a lower-tier contract than their previous contract) closes (5pm)

Tuesday March 21, 3pm
Delisted free agency period opens

Thursday March 23, 4pm
Delisted free agency period closes

Friday March 24, by 5pm
AFLW Season Eight Supplementary Draft order finalised

Tuesday March 28, 5pm
AFLW Season Eight Supplementary Draft nominations close

Thursday March 30, 5pm
Final date to make players inactive before AFLW Season Eight Supplementary Draft

Tuesday April 4
AFLW Season Eight Supplementary Draft