AFLW 2023 bonus poaching period (March 1-8) + trades (March 10-20)

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Further detail here:

This is great for us. Absolutely bizarre decision though. The concept there are different rules for each club is concerning, eg Port Adelaide being the only team to get direct access to an underage player.


Chloe Molloy is a hell of a get for Sydney. She’s an absolute jet.


From the second source above:

A player qualifies as a PSP signing if they have played three or more AFLW seasons and crucially, a trade does not need to be completed for the player to move clubs.

The AFLW’s list committee will determine any relevant compensation, which could include draft picks ahead of AFLW Season Nine in 2024.

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And then it goes on to say “we only reward losers” (and Essendon a tiny bit, because we don’t want to have to debate why we excluded them).

Compare the pair:


  • Can sign up to two players during PSP
  • Can offer a “secondary relocation reimbursement/payment” to those players


  • Granted an additional three list spots for season eight, reducing to two for season nine and none for season 10
  • Can sign up to five players during PSP
  • Can offer a “secondary relocation reimbursement/payment” to those players
  • Can offer longer-term contracts with an additional two seasons more than that which is allowed in season eight, for two players only
  • Can offer longer-term contracts with an additional one season more than allowed in season eight, for three players only

how many seasons has Georgie Prespakis played?


Three years AFLW experience stops us nicking her or Gillard, for example.

Almost all of the quality “played for Essendon” options are interstate or, as per the two obvious examples above, under 3 years experience. Patrikios is the most obvious exception; though she likely owes St Kilda for not being cut when she went vaccine-less.


P.S. Fark Carlton.
P.P.S. They would get compensation this time around, but it would be massively worth it both on-field and for the satisfaction of mocking them again.


Article paywall free…

May the poaching begin!

Did somebody say KFC, err I mean Emma Kearney from Norf?

How about GEORGIE PRESPAKIS from the Cattery?

I proposed the former in post #4 in the Poaching thread.

The latter, you posted before you read :anguished:

Just remembered GP isn’t eligible.

She’s only played two seasons instead of the required three. Crap!!

What an absolute steal for us. Those who know AFLW more than I do (my knowledge only extends to those who play for Essendon or used to play), who should we be chasing?

The good news is that a lot of players may have held off on contract talks given the new EBA set to be done this year???

Isn’t she out of contract now?

It doesn’t matter for the discussion now, but supposedly GP signed on for two more seasons after season one.

While not the most pressing need positionally, there’s reports Wardlaw could be leaving the Lions, who would be an absolute monster target.

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Ideally you would target a key defender and an outside running machine - These seem to be the areas of most concern.

Tayla Harris

Tayla Harris is a limited player - She’s a strong aerial presence BUT offers nothing when the ball hits the ground - A quality tall defender can curb her influence.


Harris is BFF with Prespakis… but probably not the most useful (type of) player we could poach.