AFLW 2023 bonus poaching period (March 1-8) + trades (March 10-20)

Read the article…I’ll likely be derided for my optimism but the question regarding players in contract and the photo of Georgie got me excited. I’m reading that if we wanted to sign her up we could and Geelong would be compensated in next years draft. Am I right?

You are not. Georgie has only been with Geelong for two seasons, not three.

Is the below just badly written, or are they going to different clubs, plural?


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Both Bates and Bodey going to the Hawks (according to other reports).

So Sydney confirmed Molloy, Hawks Bates + Bodey and Port Woodland. All massive gets. Suggested Wardlaw gets to Saints. We better have some players lined up…

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Shame…her time will come…and we will all like it.

We’re not going to get anyone are we?

Quality communication specialising by the AFL with article title “Signed, sealed, delivered” and headline photos of players other than Molloy, the only one with confirmation.

I mean, we know this is very stage managed and they probably didn’t decide on the rules* just last week when they effectively announced Molloy at the same time, but geez.

*Like last time they’re going to decide the compensation rules afterwards. They’re not very good at governance.

Haven’t heard much on who we’re into. Any goss?

Seems we are not looking.
Maybe spent all our coin setting us up last year perhaps?

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Fark Carlton have lost one of their (few) stars, Lucy McEvoy, to Sydney.

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We can poach one more player (poaching season ends tomorrow).

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Would be interesting to know when the four teams knew they would get to poach again, and if it was the same for all teams.

Some parts of the bonuses were rather specific (e.g. Port, only, getting access to a kid).

Good news is we didn’t get poached from!


I’d say Hawks now look in a better position to make a push in the next few years than we do

But Richmond could lose utility Kodi Jacques to Essendon

Jacques is a silky-skilled utility known for her work rate and defensive pressure. She was signed to the Tigers’ AFLW side as an Academy player after joining the VFLW program in 2019. The 22-year-old has played 26 games across four seasons with the Club.

Is 165cm


Hopefully the Pie supporters melt down more than those Fark Carlton sooks.

Think it speaks volumes that nobody wants to leave us. Got a good group going on!

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Speculated trade above is done, for pick 27 in the oldies draft.