AFLW 2023 bonus poaching period (March 1-8) + trades (March 10-20)

I don’t mind Fearny, but LOL.

I want more ANGER.

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but why didn’t we just take Jacques as a PSP player? Rather than give up pick 27?

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Some players choose not to screw the club they’re leaving?

If it happens, Saints are going to have to cough up big for Wardlaw.

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With the PSP rules made on the fly, maybe we had to offer a minimum length contract?

BB was worth at least 2 years plus, while KJ was probably only worth a 1 year deal.


Collier and Bullas did not keep each other faithful.

Some clubs already have DFA signings in their sights, with Former West Coast midfielder Hayley Bullas expected to cross to Sydney as a DFA, while ex-Roo Sophie Abbatangelo’s name has also been raised as a possible recruit for a few clubs.

Others who have been delisted and would be hoping for a career revival include Charlotte Hammans, Poppy Schaap, Jordan Zanchetta, Tori Groves-Little, Jade Pregelj, Dom Carbone, Ali Brown, Britt Perry and Imahra Cameron.

Wet dream MEGA-TRADE… doesn’t involve us, nor have other recent trades, so meh.

Wardlaw is a huuuuge get for the Saints.

I’m guessing because of the way contracts work, we wouldn’t have been able to pick her up as Bonnie and Maddy are our two highest paid players?


Aren’t we now at 32 players? We can only have 30 so who will we delist?

Plus we need room for draft

We’re on 33.

We do not need to take a pick in this draft, but must chop three.

Is that the oldies draft or the regular one? Or both.

The oldies draft there is no obligation to use a pick. The normal draft there presumably will be (and you will want to do so!)

There is going to be a brutal next few months where players at all clubs will get sacked based on trading form.

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Actually, I’m not sure if/why we need to drop to 30 before the oldies draft. I guess sitting out of the oldies draft gives you more (unfair?) flexibility on who to cut in the following months.

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To me it seems unfair when AFLW players will be delisted , that all VFLW lists are completed, so when they are delisted there will be no fallback available to the lower leagues, because those lists are full.

You seem to be under the impression the AFL thought this through…

Having just reviewed the VFLW lists for all teams, I’m not yet convinced there are any rules!

I suspect recently-delisted AFLW players can be signed in the same way as current AFLW players.

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Who cops a delist then? Tierney? Ryan?

Borg, Ashley-Cooper, Frew, Ryan, Sargent delisted.

Bit disappointed in some of these. Seems incredibly harsh on both Ashley-Cooper and Borg to be cut after being injured all season and clearly hugely disappointed in Frew being cut. Surely Fede worth another look with a full pre-season and not coming straight off the back of a full VFLW season. Clearly has unique talent.

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I agree Fede is worth another look for VFLW at least

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Agree seems harsh with Borg and Ashley-Cooper. I’m also surprised by the Borg delisting given the lack of height on the list, with Ryan and Sargent also being just about the only tall forward depth. 2 free list spots now then? I wonder what the plan is

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