AFLW #5 - Georgia “G” Nanscawen - all out of bubblegum

:cry: :cry:


Terrible news. How long is this recovery.

Seriously need a Dislike button for this kind of news.

Wishing her all the best for a successful recovery.


Very sad to hear :frowning:

:cry: Hope she gets back soon.

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God, that’s heartbreaking. She’s a star.


Usually 12 months, so it will be somewhere in August 2023 we’ll see the Ginger Queen back.

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What position does she play, and how does she fit into our inaugural list? Big loss?

go read post 6 egg

Terrible news. Hopefully she’s back for 2023

Sorry Barns, I was only asking because I was interested in the insight of someone who watches our games and understands our list, rather than a random article. I’ve never watched a game and I know nothing so that’s why I was wondering

Alright smj. Keep on keeping on

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Oh hell. The brightest and best, struck down. Heartbreaking news for her. We’re with you Georgia, all of us here, however long it takes - come back fit and well !


Midfielder. Absolute tackling machine. Any contest you’re bound to see that red hair and long sleeves. Gigantic loss, was runner up for BOG yesterday.


I like the sound of an Essendon player with standout hair and long sleeves!

Thanks for the info. Sorry that she’s out, hopefully it’s a short recovery

It’s an ACL, so it won’t be short.

Just one of many comments.


Devo for her and the team. Here’s hoping she comes back better then ever next year.

Well that’s ■■■■ news. Sport can be such a prick at times.