AFLW - round 8 vs WCE @ Windy Hill, 5:05pm Sunday 22 October 2023

And his son is in-and-out with Brisbane. Plays OK, but not in their best 22.

This sucks. The acl, not the only this season bit.

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Name Injury Weeks
Lily-Rose Williamson Ankle 2
Brooke Brown Calf 2
Jacqui Vogt Calf 2
Georgia Gee Calf 3
Alana Barba Ankle (Syndesmosis) 6-7
Daria Bannister ACL Season

The article says the goal is to get Gee back for Round 10 (i.e. one less game off than listed above).

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Team of 21 + emergencies of 3 remains possible.

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I am down in Melb and going to the match on sunday… there will be 3 of us, 2 with memberships. What is the go with getting entry to the game? Do we have to book or just turn up? Do members pay, what does it cost for non member?


Members should redeem a ticket on Ticketmaster (no fee). $10 to buy the other entry.

There is a ticket booth at (at least) the Brewster Street entrance, but I’m guessing they just do the TM route anyway.

Official FAQ at:

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Sense prevailed and Maddy cleared to play. Shame about Daria. I was hoping she’d escaped serious injury and would be able to make it for the last couple of games. Hopefully she has a good recovery.

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I can’t believe the game is at 5:05pm Sunday. Don’t they want a crowd to attend? TV I get it, but hardly helping to grow crowds. Put it at 1:10pm and get families filling stands like the games against Saints and Shockers.


Gotta keep the average crowd under 3500 via scheduling and low-capacity grounds… otherwise they are contractually obliged to provide an extra game next season.



The IN for Bannister TBC.

Based on naming order, it could be van Loon replacing Dani, and Doonan replacing Daria.

B: 25. Morcom 22. Radford
HB: 19. Van Dyke 17. Clarke 28. Busch
C: 20. Cain 16. Dyke 27. Van De Heuvel
HF: 23. Tierney 24. Alexander 9. Walker
F: 7. Jacques 8. Toogood
Foll: 30. Wales 5. Nanscawen 4. Prespakis
Int: 26. Van Loon 14. Gamble 32. Scott 33. Clarke
12. Doonan 21. Wuetschner 18. Cutting 6. Marshall
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In: M.Western, A.Bushby, M.Webb
Out: Nil

RIP Dani :disappointed_relieved:

Mind you, they named Radford at full back…

Stolen from :

West Coast [are] the worst contested ball and clearance team in the competition

Do our thing, and they might only get the ball via turnovers.

Marnie is going there…

[The bit below doesn’t mention the Bears also get the Dees in Round 10.]

While many fans have all but locked in the [Big Four] for a double chance come finals, there could be an upset to what’s become the natural order in the AFLW. If the Lions lose to Adelaide and Essendon (5-2) beat West Coast (1-6) on Sunday evening, the Bombers will leapfrog the Lions into the top four.

Essendon then play Carlton and Gold Coast in the last two rounds, which are hard games but not out-of-the-question wins. Especially if they get some momentum with a big victory over the Eagles at Windy Hill this Sunday.

However, theoretically, all the teams on 4-3 could also make the top-four – Geelong, Gold Coast, Collingwood, Carlton and St Kilda. But they could also miss finals altogether.

(Caveat: their model persistently tips Bulldog wins, so it may be crazy. It has them this week as an 89% chance to win their first game of the year, with an expected margin of 21 points vs the Bin Chickens.)

Whoops, burnt @StealthBomber to the ground.