AFLW - round 9 vs FCFC @ Windy Hill, 3:05pm Saturday 28 October 2023

FCFC have made their path to finals harder by narrowing losing to GWS today, so this game is now do-or-die for them.

Die, Fark Carlton, Die.

Anyway, get your (free) ticket now per the below.


FCFC have been playing Breann Moody at FF rather than ruck for chunks of this year. She, and some lucky frees for Vescio, was the only reason we fell short by one point last year.

Unfortunately… they put her in the ruck this past week and she had her best-ever number of hit-outs (46) and disposals (23). Plus 499m gained (second-best). Also a casual 12 clearances, beating her 9 vs us last year.

Graph is of fantasy points, and the circled game is last year’s game that she dominated.

Pies = equally bad

Tiggers = much better our way

(missing is them thrashing WCE in round 2)

Vescio (three goals last year, only one of which she earned) just makes the Top 21.

GWS and WCE have won an average of 1 quarter per game this year (lowest of all the teams). Both won 2 quarters this past weekend…

23 and sunny

If I don’t see a 10 goal first half I’ll spew


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Don’t be silly.

Vescio hasn’t improved that much since 2018.

Not as much as you making me invoke the arguably greatest single performance I’ve ever seen.

(Ablett in 1993 being the other possible choice.)

@Hoffy and @PH_WARFRadio are similarly scarred.


Yep, scarred for life as a result of The Vescio Incident.

She was in the ruck because Good was out injured. Good is a chance to return this week I’m pretty sure

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Let’s hope they’ve got a short memory, then.

We have three tests to see if we can find a 24th player this week.

The big question is “Will Lily-Rose?”

Name Injury Weeks
Lily-Rose Williamson Ankle Test
Brooke Brown Calf Test
Jacqui Vogt Calf Test
Georgia Gee Calf 2
Steph Cain Concussion 2
Alana Barba Ankle (Syndesmosis) 4-5
Daria Bannister ACL Season

That’s great news if at least one of them play, I thought all were at least another week off

Soph Alexander due for 50 games this week.

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Want to see a massive response after last weeks horrible loss

All I’m gonna say is we better ■■■■■■■ win this one.


Yes, I would expect nothing less than a much better effort here. Good opponent for the occasion, too.