AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


If she so much as touched my sword i’d cut it off. Absolute mess.


That sounds much better than AFLX


Yeah i should probly chuck a trademark on that


At least Fantasia isn’t playing.


You’ve said that so many times it’s lost all meaning


I’d never seen this show before, but my wife made me watch last night (yes that’s the excuse I’m running with).

Is the entire premise: let’s find all the worst people on earth, put them in a room together and see what happens?


Slam Ball already a thing. That said no NBA players are getting out there to do it though!

This is actually very entertaining …


Spoiler alert!!!


That actually sounds pretty cool


Its still to early in the offseason to come up with new material.


The concept seems ridiculous but I’m not going to lie. The chance the watch Shiel, McGrath, Trippa and Hurls run around, I’m going to watch. I’ll most likely fast forward to the bits their in but in truth I eagerly watch the training vids, sometimes more than once. Of course I’ll watch this rubbish too. I simply can’t wait for the season to start and to see the new and improved McGrath
Laugh all you want but something is better than nothing for me.


Only non contact injuries if any which could happen at training any way.

Its glorified kick to kick…8 blokes on a soccer field…no d…all out attack.

No concerns for mine



By this time next week it will be over.


This time next week they will be trying to figure out ways of how to make it worse and THEY WILL SUCCEED!


I must admit, I orignally dismissed the idea of ALFX, but am willing to see what the product is like. I didn’t really want to form an opinion of something I preconceived, although maybe accurate. I’ll give it a shot, then trash it if it is bad.

So will see how it plays out. Pretty well sick of cricket. The Big Bash went far too long, and am footy starved. Hoping to see some high skill, and the Essendon boys tearing it up. Especially looking forward to seeing McGrath, and what he will bring to the table.


Didn’t you see it last year?


That team is missing one Jake Carlisle.


Missed it completely last year. More I am looking at how the new teams can gell together. See if they just take it easy, ala the All Start NBA game, or they look at it for a real hit out.


Lol good team. Excellent.