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All of his are. He’s a rambling fanboy


Inside Running


Couple of podcast that I’m listening to at the moment;

History of Byzantium
Atlanta Monster


New rule, you recommend podcast, say why.


History of Byzantium sounds as if it would be full of twists, turns, unsaid things and complications.


Up to about ep 30 and it’s pretty epic, covering the Sassanid war of the 600’s. Really enjoy the hosts style


Just checking in on ya!


Howie Games with Alan Jones was a good listen


I agree - I am up to ep 160 now. You have a lot of interesting - and surprising - information ahead. He also provides special episodes focussing on specific characters (from religious figures to charioteers) or topics (like Byzantine medicine).

It is very informative about a subject that is not covered at all in Australian education.

The item that most surprised me was the swindle by the Vatican that forged a document purporting to be from Constantine the Great, allowing transfer of the Roman Empire from its rightful successors (i.e. Byzantium) to Charlemagne). This set up the “Holy Roman Empire” which lasted for more than a thousand years - all based on a fraud.


That’s heresy, saying the Vatican isn’t upfront and honest at all times.

Or, worse still, it’s Protestantism!!!


Wow that’s crazy, had no idea about that!

Very true that it’s history has been neglected or even misunderstood, the fact it survived so long is incredible considering it was constantly under threat.

Just listened to one of the special eps regarding the Byzantium military strategies/tactics of the 6th century and it was awesome


I have heard good things about the Byzantium podcast, I shall have to check it out now.


Although the Joe Rogan podcast has lately become the ‘MMA, bow-hunting and aren’t Lefties annoying’ show, he did have a very interesting guest on the other day.

Johan Hari, who wrote a very interesting book about mental illness, it’s causes, it’s treatments and why the term ‘chemical imbalance’ is basically bullsh*t.

Very interesting listen. (And I should have put this in the Aaron Francis thread.)


What’d you make of the conspiracy ■■■■?


Which bit?


hilary, trump, obama, saunders. about a 10 minute segment i saw.


Hmm, I don’t really remember that. I think he spoke about Bernie a few times, but it was hardly the guts of the discussion.


I didn’t listen to it, 2-3 times a week of 2 hours of joe rogans ramblings are a bit much.

I only heard that 10 minutes.


I could listen to Rogan all day, as long as he shuts up about MMA and float tanks. (Which is a redundant sentence, because he won’t shut up about that stuff)

Have you seen his new studio though? Man, that’s what fat podcast cash can buy you.


He makes me want to eat bear meat.