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Listen to the Little Dum Dum Club


Thanks, will check it out.


Felon. True crime podcast. Very entertaining if you like that stuff.


Just finished ‘On Drugs’ excellent for anyone remotely interested in the topic


I find his original show hit and miss, but Jimmy Pardo has got to be the most quick witted guy going. His new quiz show podcast is awesome, short and most surprisingly for a comedy podcast, clean.


Listen to the Rube episode. F*cking funny as.


Yeah… Very funny. I like to listen when I am walking my dog - Get strange looks when I laugh out loud (which I do often listening to The Dollop). 10 cent beer night is crazy!


I do exactly the same! Sometimes my little fella gets an extended walk if I want to finish something. :dog:


The one about Uber completely put me off using the service entirely.


Don’t listen to the Trump two-parter or the Ross Perot eps then, because they’ll put you off American politicians for life. :wink:


Luckily we don’t have Uber in Darwin… Friends in Melb often try to get me to use the service but I haven’t yet. Maybe I should go to the Uber ep so I can arm myself with reasons not to try it.


I was thinking I should listen to the Trump eps before he (hopefully) gets impeached…


The ACNC podcast is a good one for anyone looking at challenging for a spot on the EFC board. :slight_smile:


@CJohns check out JJ Redicks podcast he just relaunched on the ringer network. It’s really good


Sam Harris and Russell Brand have just done a great podcast together. It has been released on both their respective podcast feeds.

It’s great to listen to two people who fundamentally disagree, but discuss those differences respectively. World needs more of it.

Also, the new Dan Carlin Hardcore History… Well, it’s the first one I’ve ever struggled to finish.


Couldn’t get interested at all in the Dan Carlin. Still on the phone but far from likely to listen to the rest.

Can’t listen to Russell Brand under any circumstances.


I got half way through and it’s the first time I’ve been convinced he goes way too long. The point has been made, what more could be said in another two hours?!


When it’s a set topic or event, and he’s got a roadmap to get from point A to point B, he’s fine. And the extra time usually works then.

But this is a bit of a disjointed ramble that goes 4+ hours.

Plus, I feel he has kinda covered this topic across previous podcasts, particularly the Prophets of Doom one.


Burn and dismember the infidels bagging Carlin! Publicly.

(Yeah, it was boring.)


Thanks for the heads up. Just deleted the last 2 hours of that one.