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Just had a quick scan through and I don’t think anyone has mentioned Black Hands - about the Bain murders in Dunedin. 10 part series - good presenter.


I pay the annual subscription and they come with that.

However, he has recently sold time to some company that inserts extremely annoying ads at the start and end of the podcast (and once, in the middle, right in the middle of a sentence!) so I may not renew the subscription.


The Greatest Season That Was ‘93.

This one has just dropped and they have 3 eps up so far. Absolutely riveting listening! Ep 2 they interview the then North footy director, Greg Miller. Some eyebrow raising tactics were used to get players to the club! Ep 3 has the Fitzroy coach Robert Shaw talking about the demise of the ‘Roy Boys and their pretty good ‘93 season despite all that was going on. The story about how they got Zennoti is a beauty. They also talk about the Rnd 10 match with us where they could hear Sheedy’s instructions on their phone! Hilarious stuff.

Really looking forward to the rest of them if the first three are anything to go by. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

The Greatest Season That Was: 1993 Podcast

Chat 10 Looks 3 isn’t a bad podcast with Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb. Two smart 40-something women.

Of course they’re both rabid latte-sipping communists, but still…Leigh Sales doesn’t like Python.

They just natter on.


The latest Hardcore History has dropped.

His best one for quite some time, thankfully. (He’s still got it.)

It’s 4 and half hours, and it’s only part 1. It covers the build up to the Asia-pacific battles in WW2, and goes into some really interesting Japanese history that I was not aware of.

@JohnRain and @mrjez, get on it.


Thanks kindly, mate.

I’m right into my podcasts, so I’ll get onto it.

If you are interested in WWII history from a literary perspective, John Dower’s 1999 Pulitzer Prize winning book ‘Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II’ is an epic read.

Re: podcasts. I’m addicted to True Crime podcasts. Just finished all 9 episodes of ‘The Teacher’s Pet’. Thrilling stuff & highly recommend. Last year, I listened to ‘Phoebe’s Fall’ - another one worth checking out. Both podcasts showcase investigative journalism of the highest calibre.


Thanks Peos. I’m not a history guy at all, so I bet there’s a tonne of stuff in there for me to learn. And with three hours commuting time today I can get through plenty.


Have you listened to Dirty John? If not, check it out, you’d probably like it.


No, I haven’t. Listening to ‘Felon’ and a few others at the moment, but will add Dirty John to the list. Many thanks. And I’ll definitely check out the footy one as well.


I never gave a fark about History until Dan Carlin came along with his podcast.

Now I’m a genuine enthusiast.


I’ve finally become honest with myself and just deleted the episode straight away. I’ll grab it again next time I’m on a long haul flight.


Best one for a long time, and I quite disliked the previous few.


There’s other 2-hour podcasts I’ll listen to every week of the year without fail but for some reason just can’t force myself to listen to his unless I’m in the exact right frame of mind.


The day the saga bans dropped, I decided to avoid the radio and instead put on a podcast for the drive home. Needed something to cheer me up and take my mind off things. Got stuck in traffic for 2 hours listening to graphic descriptions of chemical weapon use during ww1. Needless the say, there’s a good time to listen to Dan Carlin and that wasn’t one of them.


Have just about finished Carlin’s WWI podcast. Learnt so much I had no idea about previously. The speed of the Russian revolution was one thing. Basically happened in a week.


I can’t take it. He goes on and on and on without a single thought of brevity. He’s a verbal Bruce Francis.


On Spotify I listen to “Casefile” - A true crime podcast.

The guy makes a nice effort when it comes to the production with good background music while he narrates.

There are also some good home grown Aussie crime cases in his list of podcasts.


That’s what drew me in. Only so many times you can listen to Americas ■■■■■■ up killers


I listened to that and didn’t think much of it.


I’ve got past the Norman Conquest on the History of English podcast. Been a hard slog…72 episodes at an hour each.

Must download the Carlin one now…drive to Melbourne and back on Friday.