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True Crime podcasts are 2018’s TV cooking contests. 8363629 of them. All exactly the same.


The Teachers Pet has been excellent so far

  • Spoiler Alert

Best True Crime podcast I have listened to thus far (& there have been a few). Man, I really hope the coppers reopen the case, dig the ‘soft soil’, & the DPP prosecute CD.


The latest episode of ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ was released last night & it’s a doozy. 58 mins in - just wow!

Can see why this podcast is smashing download records. This case is gathering steam & I’m fairly confident that it will be resolved in the near future. #justiceforlyn


Only difference being, people actually listen to Dan Carlin.


I’m still only an hour into the Japanese WWII new one. My brain is fried this week through work and scorching heat and I can’t concentrate well. Plus, all the tangents are filled with stuff I just wanna go and read up a little on before I progress. 4.5 hours is gonna be like a 15-week history course for me!


Yep. He only releases like 2 podcasts a year now, so they are kinda designed to do exactly that.


Anyone else listened to the Sam
Newman, Grant Thomas and Mike Sheehan podcast. Genuine car crash style laughs. Sam loves Trump and is a full on conspiracy theorist.


I’ve been meaning to get into that but keep forgetting. I’ll download the latest now.


Yep was hanging for this episode last night! The screws are seriously tightening with this one, wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being charged - mostly circumstantial evidence but still damming. Scary to think how many other cases their are like this out there

And the whole other story of rampant abuse of power within that school is sickening.



A comment was made above suggesting that all true crime podcasts were the same. This doesn’t apply to ‘The Teacher’s Pet’.

Most True Crime podcasts discuss cases which have been solved. ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ involves (potentially) an unsolved homicide. And it is this very podcast that has seen public anger and pressure building with the police (supposedly) following up several of Hedley’s leads and submitting a new brief of evidence to the DPP.

The latest episode mentions the involvement of wealthy businesspeople and also a community group prepared to fund a dig (if the police won’t). As this is all ongoing and the podcasts are being released weekly - it makes the entire case exceptionally thrilling. I am also very confident that there will be an outcome to this case very shortly. Respect to Hedley for his persistence. Justice for Lyn and her family is almost palpable.


That’s the beauty of what’s emerging of this new type of media, especially in relation to criminal matters - really does shine a light on so many failures/injustices


Yep. It’s brilliant. Can’t sweep stuff under the carpet these days. Even the NSW Police Commissioner commented on the case, after the police had previously stonewalled Hedley.


I remember watching Making a Murderer and thinking that a horrible injustice had been done. I was fascinated by it and did some of my own research and came to the conclusion that he may very well be guilty and how biased the documentary was. Just sayin’. Hopefully the podcast is more balanced than Making a Mutderer was. You guys have me intrigued and have already added it to my playlist.


The first big one was the most biased ■■■■■■■ thing i’ve ever listened to.



Would enjoy hearing your feedback after you have listened to a few episodes. It’s a cracking series.


Haven’t listened to that one. May give it a miss then.


I still remember the whole KONY nonsense. The power of new media swings both ways.


I’ve got an hour to go on Hardcore History.

Spoiler alert…Hirohito has just succeeded his dad.


How can you be into podcasts and not listen to Serial. Even if its not you bag it was a cultural phenomenon. But if true crime is your bag you have to listen to it.