Amazing things thread


I thought we had a thread along these lines,… but 20 minutes looking yielded zip.

So anyway, … a mate living in Cambodia shared this, and it blew my mind.







I liked the red and black canopy too. :grinning:


positivity thread


Great, now I’ve got the TDK ad from the 90’s stuck in my head.



Factoid: I once shared a bill with the guys who did tge song from that Sony ad, the ■■■■■■ stereo one.

Carry on.


Necessity is the Mother of invention.

This is a ripper.


Adrian DUDoro




watch it at 19s mark.


That definitely qualifies. :open_mouth:


If we win a final this year, would the thread sit in here?



Should be in the Darwin Award thread…


More like in the “Agates like Basketballs” thread.

Fking incredible.

23 plus Million views, … and no wonder.


I just saw a YouTube that said humans could survive upwards of a month if the sun disappeared (or just stopped generating light and heat).



I wish it WOULD disappear. I am sick of the heat. Bring on winter.


here are 100+ answers to the question


There are some radically different views there, but it seems everyone agrees death wouldn’t be instantaneous (by which I mean after the eight minutes of sun zombie energy finishes) as I would have assumed.

One of the most interesting things was the idea that, without the Sun, Earth would (eventually) fall into a very wide orbit of Jupiter.
That’s pretty cool.
I mean, obviously it’s all a load of old tosh, but most things are.