Amazon. Will it work in Australia?

  Operating from  their new  warehouse in Dandenong and possible opening as soon as tomorrow ( thursday November 23rd 2017 )

Can they get the operational logistics right and adapt to Melbournes already congested road network ? Will have the freight arriving and departing on time , keep enough of the right product flowing in and out of the place to satisfy customers , adapt to Australian consumers needs and deliver on the services they provide like their possible 2 hour delivery with an annual subscription service ( i think they call it Amazon Prime ) Are they a real threat to retail and wholesale businesses or just more competition ?
Are the products they sell all good quality ?
I have never used Amazon and don`t know how they work ,so for those who have been there ,done that , will they thrive in the Australian market or change they way other businesses do things ?

I just wonder how they are going to manage to have so many things for sale and also be able to get the items to so many people in so many places and on tight timelines like the possible 2 hour delivery service that might be offered and i also wonder how quick and efficiently they can get things around the state and indeed, the country ontime and the amount of people who would have to handle the logistics from the packers to the admin , drivers , stock control and the whole box and dice that goes with it .
Is this company that big that they could actually take over Australian retail or will they just fit in with what we already do ?

Is anyone on here now employed by Amazon ? We want some inside gossip PLEASE

Educate me on what it is like in an Amazon world .

Who will they use to deliver the goods? Will it come late or all broken or with no redelivery/goandfarkinggetityourself like via Aus Post?

That might cause them hiccups. They pride themselves on getting it to you asap if you’re paying for that service. It’s a pretty flawless operation here in Japan with the small distances and high quality delivery means.

They have the capacity and ability to dominate the market. I haven’t been privy to the negotiations or have the exact breakdown of their freight and delivery methods but understand Australia Post and Toll are in on the pie and that AP will be the major player at around 40%. Some will also be funneled through the Startrack Road and Premium arms of AP aswell. Will probably know more when I finally go back to work

Amazon doesn’t do everything Prime, even in the US. It’s only a subset of the stuff that’s they’re the original seller for - which is only a subset of stuff they list. Like eBay, they’re a marketplace, other businesses can set up as a seller.

Will be interesting how big a range they list for Prime, and what conditions, and for what range of postcodes. Express post limit the range of guaranteed next-day deliveries, I would guess Amazon would do the same.

Yes it will - because they tell us it will. That’s pretty much 95% of the equation.

As to whether it will succeed, yes it will.

Bricks-and-mortar niche/specialist retailers are dead or dying - music, sports stores, electronics, snow stuff, you name it. For example Aldi are the biggest snow/winter sports retailer in the country, by a mammoth margin. The specialists are being squished out by either general retail who have more leverage, or online specialists.
People are too savvy on price these days, after many decades of being dicked by importers, distributors and middlemen.

Amazon are the big boys and they do not ■■■■ around.


Would be better just letting us access the us amazon instead.

Hopefully, now that there’s a local connection we can.

Heaps of bbq gear isn’t available in Oz at reasonable prices.

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It didn’t work in canada.

The rumour is they go live this Friday.

Soft launch 2pm Thursday.

JB HiFi have blinked and introduced same-day delivery.

With Amazon using Australia post ,Toll , Startrack ,etc for deliveries ,will that then take away the delivery vehicles from businesses already reliant on their freight services , making delivery times slower for non - Amazon customers ? IE : More trucks and vans on the road for Amazon and less for everyone else ?

Yep, email today confirmed 2pm soft opening tomorrow. Even though it wont really affect my area at work I’m intrigued to see how it goes

Extra drivers will be put on and have been for the last few months. This hasn’t just happened overnight and the big players have been preparing for this for months

Do they source supplies locally as well as imports ?

Expect employees to work under onerous conditions for minimum wages, especially those who work in the warehouse - There will be a large staff turnover.

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so like all warehouses?


Im living in Boston at the moment and there are Amazon boxes EVERYWHERE in my apartment complex. its pretty much the best and cheapest place to buy anything. my partner and i have an Amazon prime membership so anything either of us buy is there within a day or two of ordering. its all trackable and easy to use. getting a refund or returning anything is ridiculously easy too and is basically no questions asked. you just click the refund button.

that being said, you can definitely see how theyve cannibalized the retail market here. niche stores are very sparse in this city

This is just one great example in a long list of how much we get ripped off. I ordered some bbq stuff awhile ago from the US, and despite an astronomical shipping fee, I was still way better off than buying locally.

Amazon is like eBay for retailers. Major products & companies, and even some smaller retailers, will use them as their delivery service. I hope this opens up more overseas companies to supply directly into Aus.

I know that there will be some who have exclusive agreements and won’t want to tread on existing turf, but overall it should be a positive for us, hopefully from a range and a price perspective.

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Don’t think it will, all about the distro deals.

Yay the warehouse is just down the road! Can’t wait for the guaranteed two hour delivery to start!