Amazon. Will it work in Australia?


And companies like JB will wonder why they got put out of business when it takes Amazon to force their hand into a better customer experience.

I don’t see how amazon works here with a sparsely populated land mass.


They probably concentrate on service to the 90% (or whatever it is) of us who live in metro Melb/Syd/Bris/Perth/Adelaide, and stuff the rest of you



Aldi even now have a minimal presence in Perth.

Can’t see Amazon delivering to either SA or WA within 2 hours from the eastern states warehouses, and would be surprised if they are establishing fully equipped warehouses in SA or WA soon.


There has been one or more documentaries showing the inside workings of an Amazon warehouse - It makes for interesting reading.


You are right - It’s a tougher gig in a spread out country like Australia - I also question whether the internet, will help or hinder, Amazon’s way of doing business.


Clearly you can access some items direct from amazon US (I think) or go via a third party shipping company. But everything I want to buy is not available for shipping to AU as there are local distribution rights for the same product.


I’ll check it out and get back to you. Looking for a couple of items that aren’t easy to find (except in the US) and will get back to you. I’d expect them to use the same shipping methods everyone else uses.


if prices are cheaper then yes.

shipping might still take a while particularly if stuff coming from the US.

EG even though wiggle/ probike kit now have AUS sites it still takes around a week for parcels to arrive.

I’ve bought stuff online, due to ease i guess and potential save time and being harrassed by retail assistants. but biggest factor is price.


From memory, Amazon have something like 45,000 drones in the US. These are what give the same day / next day delivery.

If drones were to be implemented here (much harder to do by the way, our air authority are far more restrictive from what I’ve heard) the quick delivery it would only be in the main cities where warehouses are located.


Have a mate who has an online business for years that as well as shipping across Australia he couriers locally around Brisbane same day.
Amazon approached him to be one of their distributors in Brisbane.
His business will continue and doesn’t really compete with amazon so it’s a win win for him.
I think he’ll do quite well out of it


Nope. No drones in operation except in testing (and that’s severely limited).

Also US air regs and AUS air regs are very similar. Both now have ‘operator must be in the line of sight of the drone’ for commercial usage meaning auto drones is pretty much impossible to implement.


How many books can we read at once?


Ah ok, I thought the US got around the line of sight part.


2016 change :slight_smile:


And when they get operational, all they need over there is a shotgun (no shortage…) to get free shitt ?


has nothing to do with Amazon.


“It fell off the back of a drone…”


as long as we can get everything we can get on the current USA Amazon (minus the huge international postage charges which is the reason I don’t use them) plus the stuff we cant because they don’t ship it here & it is all for a good price then yes they will succeed. It wont stop me using my other internet shopping sites though


You won’t. Distributors pay the manufacturers for exclusive distribution deals.

#40 website hasn’t changed. Still just audibles, Kindles and apps.