Amazon. Will it work in Australia?


The live new au site is only for a select few at the moment. From tomorrow the full kit and caboodle comes along.


Brilliant work.


If what I heard on ABC radio this morning is correct, Amazon will pay ZERO tax in Aus. I heard they offshore all profits to Ireland.

If this is true, Amazon can GAGF’d.

I quite like the idea of schools, hospitals and the like. Also the idea corporate behemoths pay their fair share, not just shift the burden onto us wage slaves.


Making out that Black Friday is somehow relevant in Australia?

I got something from Dymocks referring to Black Friday.

Black Friday being the day after Thanksgiving.


Can assure you that Black Friday has become a huge day for Australian retailers. Expecting record sales and volumes through the freight networks this year


Are we going to adopt fkn Thanksgiving too now??

Our next Black Friday isn’t until April.


Black Friday in Australian terms, sounds more like a fatal bushfire.


Hopefully they implement the affiliate program, so that Australian podcasters and bloggers can finally make $8 a week for their craft.


Black Friday is better than Halloween.


Still nothing new


The article in the Herald Sun re - tax allegedly going to Luxembourg and none here was frustrating to read.

  Find all the loopholes and don`t pay tax in Australia ,because you claim your customers

accessed your services through an overseas website . Why do we have laws that allow that sort of activity ? It is unfair on the local retailers as well as all of us who actually pay tax daily .


This is a very soft launch. Droopy.


It will work because they will pay no tax



Lol. Like Geriatric Harvey etc aren’t shafting over local suppliers and franchisers.

Hope you enjoy your Herald Sun/foxtel subs who pretty much do the same thing. Ie pay no tax.


I want cheap ■■■■ and i want it now. Especially if it saves me having to deal with washed up 40 year olds that do ■■■■ all at JB HiFi.


Living a dream



I almost think they’re bringing in these sales just to sell us stuff. Not on my watch!


So…what sort of watch have you bought?