Amazon. Will it work in Australia?


Don’t mind a Beyblade battle to the death against the Jnr diggers’ although I seem to have been on the receiving end of some epic hidings of late.



That’s horrific, I know a few people who work there that say it’s bad, but I didn’t realise it was that bad.

Casualisation of the workforce and the knackering of the unions has lead to this sort of thing.


Sadly it’s the way the world is headed - all in the name of “global competitiveness”. Workers are just a commodity now to Amzon and eventually most will get replaced by automation.


Amazon doesn’t pay tax in the usa. They know how to work within the rules and abuse them at the same time.


Early days, they were making huge losses and the share price was rocketing.

There was one point where they had a P/E ratio of over 200, while Apple’s was about 7.

I remember they discontinued an early version of the Amazon Fire, or whatever their tablet was called, and the price rose dramatically.