Amazon. Will it work in Australia?


I had a look around too. Mostly the same ebay sellers with the same stuff.


I was looking for a leather overnight bag. On the oz site, wasn’t what I was after, and ordered one from the US site.

Been looking around here and couldn’t find anything near what I was looking for.

But 7-11 business days becomes 26-27 December?


Think they will star off more expensive than once everything is settled they’ll start undercutting big time


Leather overnight bag?




Well, you don’t seem like the leather overnight bag type.


Tired of backpacks. Wheeled jobbies too big.


So what your telling us is you are joining the Gucci Gang?


About $2,000 cheaper than Gucci, so no!

$110 US including postage.


Stylish and thrifty.


And I love the smell of leather in the morning.



Where’d you get that photo of me?


High school yearbook?


Year scroll. noonan pre-dates papyrus.


They told me my delivery date would be 27/12. Arrived 19/12.


Apparently if you ordered online on Big W, to get your parcel before Christmas you had to place your order before December 6.

December 6. This is why retail in Australia is in the neolithic era. How long have they had to prepare?


Didn’t even know you were pregnant! Congratulations!


My shopping experience on the weekend, looking for a beyblade burst epic rivals battle set (it’s all my son talks about, beyblades are the in thing for kids).

Went to toys r us, none in stock.
Went to target, none in stock.
Went to kmart, none in stock.

Checked online.

Target $59, but can’t be ordered on line and no local stores to me had stock when i called
Toys r us $65, won’t quote postage for online orders
Big w link directed me to spiderman action figures, cbf with that
Myer $70 + $10 for postage on online orders

Amazon $50 with free postage

Pretty obvious where i bought it. It won’t take too many experiences like that to kill retailers locally


Never thought they’d come back after 20 years.