Andrew Gaff - RFA


Gaff and Tyson please.


No way is he worth a top 10 pick in a superdraft.


He’ll stay with the Eagles.


In a perfect world:

  • I would like to keep our first rounder…
  • And try to push Gaff’s salary into WC’s discomfort zone, so they don’t match (may be fanciful).



It seems no one else is saying this


Nah but Jake long had like 2 real good touches last week.


I know I’m preaching to the converted with you, but the depth of our outside runners is a major concern.
Some people want to delist all of Green, Colyer, Long, Jerrett and Baguley. That’s all of our small forward and outside mid depth gone in one hit…not to mention the fact at least 2 of these guys have been picked in the 22 every week.
I’d be keeping Green and Colyer, but hoping we bring in better guys so they become the depth, along with a couple of new youngsters to challenge them as depth.


North apparantly have a 7 year offer on the table for him… Not that they land fish, but it would provide a guide


Gaff probably costs 7x as much $$$ as Hind.

Gaff probably only 4x the player of Hind.

You…um…do the math?


Would love both too, know anything?


North $$$ & 7yrs mean nothing really to the big name players as they don’t want to go there.

They’ll miss out on him too.

As for Gaff not being worth our first rounder in super draft. He easily is at what 25yrs old? Will be All Australian this year, elite outside player whose now added a lot more inside to his game this year.

Be fantastic to have two stars of the comp in Zerrett & Gaff the opposition has to decide which to tag and the other gets off the chain.


26, born in June


Dom Tyson? Depends on the price

As for Gaff, trade for colyer or deals off

Doubt Gaff will leave anyway, hes too good for Eagles to let go


If they keep McGovern, gunna be hard to keep Gaff with some of their other big names. NicNat must be on a motza, as would Yeo, Kennedy and Darling.


Considering we’ve been after this guy for years, and apparently had a crack at Kelly last year you’d think Dodoro would be working feverishly behind the scenes on schmoozing this guy, and for good reason because this guy is a star and would significantly improve our team. I shudder to think what West Coast would want in a trade, considering he’s in career-best form and one of the most durable players in the competition, a likely 350 game player. We would need to give him $900,000 for 5/6 years at least if we wanted him via FA, I’d imagine.

To have an midfield of Heppell, Merrett, Gaff and Zaharakis ilk plus developing players of Langford, Parish and McGrath quality, would honestly give us our best midfield that I can remember. It would also give us the luxury of playing Smith as a high half-forward a position he’d dominate. Then consider that Fantasia, Stringer and Walla would be rotating through the midfield as impact players, all of whom add a little something different to the mix and our midfield becomes one if the best in the competition.


This is why I’m disappointed that the Kangaroos didn’t get Degoey…it’s left them in the market, still throwing huge offers at players we might want.


Kangas should be looking long and hard at Dylan Shiel, he fits them just as well, and they have an NGA kid that’ll be a 1st rounder so should be looking to shed their early picks for established players.

Ideally, Gaff’s relationship with Worsfold is a drawcard.


I think you can normally do better than Long/Jerrett out of DFAs or mature agers.

Particularly if this year’s U18 draft crop is seen as a good one for mids & flankers, that might push a few more marginal guys out, and hopefully sees a few mature agers drop a little further down the order

I think a great trade/draft period for EFC would be to get 4 picks inside the top 60, and add a couple of useful ready-to-go types, whether it’s another DFA, pick 90 trade, or drafting ~21yo state leaguers.


We should be looking at Shiel. If ever given the choice (yeah right) I would take shiel over Gaff. That being said, gaff would be an awesome get.

But is he serious about leaving or just the media speculating because they are bored?


I thought McGovern was heading to Adelaide? Or was the adelaide one heading to west coast?