Andrew Gaff - RFA


How’s it tragic?


The sister died if I recall. Hit them both hard.




Too soon!


Happened just before their draft years, similar to Francis. Not sure how Luke managed to deal with moving interstate tbh, much respect for the man


Was hit by a motorcycle at 17.

That is really tragic.


Back on topic.
Gaff would be another quality midfielder to add to the roster.
You would just hope Wet Toast would not match the contract and force a trade if he chooses us.

Player recruitment, is where we need to put up some decent onfield performances, to entice players to choose Essendon ahead of other Melbourne clubs.


He’ll put a line through us after we get done by 100 Thursday


Thursday night is going to be fun i will be switching over to the world cup after west coast kick their 5th straight from a bullshit free.


Eagles will be at their flat track bullies best


That’s way off


Didn’t he support the Demons?


Would love to see us do another Goddard like swoop on Gaff. Whoosa will be a key element if we are even in the mix. Coached him for his first 3 season. Fingers crossed they had a great relationship.


I’ve definitely come around to the Gaff idea. I’m in the camp that we need outside runners more than we need inside mids.


Out of the “very unlikely but still realistic” scenarios, the dream would be to get Gaff and Wallis RFA. The problem is WCE are likely to force a trade for Gaff, so I think realistically if we wanted him we’d have to give up our first rounder.

I’d do it, but I can imagine a lot wouldn’t. But if you used our 1st to get Gaff, got Wallis as a RFA, you’d have to argue the midfield is pretty much sorted inside & outside, given we hope for further development from McGrath, Stringer, Parish, Langford, Clarke, Mutch, Mynott, and Begley. Zaharakis to return.

You’d then spend the rest of our picks on a tall KPF, small forward, and probably a small back.


If they force trade probably want more than just the one pick.

1st and Colyer + other picks as required perhaps


no we want the trade to be successful


We have been after this guy for a long long long time


Would fit our age demographic perfectly and is a class act.

I would give up our first pick for him in a heartbeat!


Yep i’d give up our first rounder too