Andrew Gaff - RFA

He’d be a free agent at the end year wouldn’t he?

Out of contract in 2018

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You got me there…but I’ll stick with my opinion…I do think he’s soft and not someone that we need

Why do people say Gaff is soft?

Stringer pick 50 ish and Mckernan and whatever pick or player Bulldogs think best suits
Gaff pick 30 ish and Jerrett and whatever pick WCE best suits.

Done deal.

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I can’t remember him shirking.

It just seems his role has been defined as a receiver and distributor. Not saying you throw him in a centre square and he’ll belt everyone.

Isn’t his role similar to Zaka’s? Imagine those two on the outside delivering the ball into the 50.


Gaff/Mutch very similar

similar in what way?
one is a proven, 150 game, elite (or close to) mid.
the other is a kid that has yet to debut.

Its like the people saying “dont need stringer, we have begley” like they are equal.


I think he means in how they play, but i dont see it personally

Of course he is a 150 game player…how did I say anything negative. I think mutch can be that type of player. Would i take Gaff? ■■■■■■ oath.

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Hasn’t been too good tonight, playing a bit like zaka did for us.

He’s done well.
But he has no tackles so obviously, he doesn’t run both ways.

Do. Not. Want.

Don’t want.
The lazy carnt just cost them the game

What happened?

Running on to a ball 30m out and instead of bending his back and picking it up he tried to soccer it and fluffed it. Any score would of done

He’s been horrible tonight. He hasn’t chased a single player all night. The amount of times he has just jogged after his player has been ridiculous.

Oh dear, lol.

His trade value just got lighter. Over hear they will farking hate him. They all hate darling something chronic.

Fark, what a game - tuned in for Gaff, stayed for the unbelievable game of football.

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We don’t need Gaff. We are far too soft already


Another “huge” finals game from Gaff…I think my earlier opinion of him has been vindicated in the last few weeks…just another soft outside mid