Anime and Manga you are reading and watching

Been getting into Manga and Anime lately as I have been getting over the constant reality tv dribble.

Started off with what I could find on Netflix…

  • Death Note
  • Demon Slayer
  • Baki
  • Food Wars

Then jumped on Crunchy Roll. Plenty of good free ones. I watched ‘Rent a Girldfriend’… ■■■■■■ myself laughing at the main protagonist… i was like Bruh WTF!

Highly recommend as a their version of rom com…


It took a lot of bravery to admit all of this.

Kimba, Astro Boy, Sailor Moon.

I mean, not recently.


Come on.
This song rocks.


Cockwomble alert.

Not at all.

Anime rakes in over $19billion usd dollars a year with a range of diversity in style and content. It also has solid colours and artwork which is visually appealing to their target audience.

Many adults who grew up with Pokemon, Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evagelion and Dragon Ball Z still watch anime today.


It’s certain sections of the target audience that is the worry.

Oh you mean Hentai…

Not all hentai is bad.


K-on!, Fate Stay Night, Trigun, Certain Magical Railgun, Konosuba, Steins Gate, Violet Evergarden, great Teacher Onizuka, Anohana, Welcome to Neverland, Space Brothers.

That’ll keep you busy for a while.


Attack On Titan. End thread.


Add in My Hero Academia and Hunter x Hunter

Will check 'em. Must confess, I dont know ■■■■ about anime. Only seen AOT and parts of Full Metal Alchemist. Can’t get into it.

Cowboy Bebop is a bit of fun.
Anything from Studio Ghibli.

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I usually follow the top 10 anime series and go from there.

Naruto is always a good watch.

Tobor The Eighth Man was the last I saw. Ground breaking!

Do you get Jujutsu Kaisen over there? I don’t really watch anime, just know what manga and anime my son reads/watches, but know that became the big thing here in Japan after Kimetsu no Yaiba’s (Demon Slayer) mega success.

hentai only.

Watched Spy Family. Only a few episodes in. Great watch.

My next one is Cowboy Bebop. Will be a grind.