ANNOUNCE Western United are at the Hangar

fkn hell i really backed the wrong horse here

jumped off victory to support heart. then they got bought by oil barons so jumped on wu

now i “support” a “club” with two adjectives and no field

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We are set to have four footy teams training there in not much more than a year from now; fitting a fifth one may be a challenge…

Under no cicrumstances should we accomodate this ■■■■ stain of a club. ■■■■ off and die Western. You’ve already set the A-League back a number of years


The irony is that their submission being accepted was on the proviso that they would build their own stadium. Yet they decided they would play home games at Lakeside Stadium unbeknownst to South Melbourne who quickly rejected this possibility, a team who have their own home ground and were one of the competing bidders.

Why they added another Melbourne Franchise to the A-League is anyone’s guess.

But honestly, what a f*cking mess. It makes the Gold Coast Suns franchise look like Real Madrid.


to appease the broadcasters (who are no longer the broadcasters)


They promised to have the stadium done by the end of their 3rd season.

They’d want to get moving because thats this season

It ain’t happening.

If it was giving to be a Melbourne team it should have been South or the Dandenong Bid.

But it should have been Canberra and or Wollongong

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they should be setting up at North Ballarat. That’s a multi-million dollar stadium built for just 3 AFL matches a year.

They do play a few games at Mars stadium. As well as Geelong, As well as Tassie.

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things went real cold after the vic govt kiboshed adding a vline station next to the site

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Somebody was going to make a stack of money were the rumours.

The Dande bid was going to build its stadium walking distance from Dande station (or the one before it)

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Is there room to add a Soccer/Rugby training ground?

yeah yarraman station

it was a fkng no-brainer. but it ended in a dumbass stalemate because the govt wouldn’t commit to stadium funding until the license was awarded, and ffa wouldn’t award the license until stadium funding was locked in. idiots all around.


No effnics allowed!
Hellas can’t come back until the Zebras do :rofl:

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any excuse to post this again

So…one of the ovals becomes a soccer pitch?

I’d want hefty rent.