ANZAC Day build up and changes


If both sides carry their form in from this week it will be a ■■■■■■■ awesome game.

No changes for mine


no changes for mine.


Woosha backed the players, the players responded. No need for changes unless forced


unless Ambrose is fully fit, I am happy to keep the same team


@westozziebomber you coming over?


I think we need to wait and see what the weather forecast is…we’ve gone in too tall against Collingwood in the past when it’s been wet…and have paid for it.


I don’t care how we do it, just beat the filth.


I’ve got a funny feeling about this game.


No doubt any win will be tempered somewhat by the clear under-performance of the Collingwood witches hats we will likely play against.


In. Ambrose
Out Begley


Is everyone happy with begley’s output? Dont know if he’s doing enough at the moment. If there was one change it would most likely be him out.


We need runners for this game. Not tall defenders.

IN: Ambrose.


Just please for the love of every diety known to man do not let sidebottom ■■■■ even one cheapie


I will lose my ■■■■ if him or that Faz clown kick a bag on us


And Cox. I’ll riot if that seagull sidebottom is free in the goalsqaure.


IN: Ambrose LAV

OUT: Hartley BBB


Yep. I’m driving over. I’m leaving this coming Friday around 4.30am


He’s learning the game so he should have some leeway, but i saw a couple times today he was really struggling to keep with his man running out of defence. Not sure he’s quick enough tbh.


3500k drive trying the HOT CHIPS from every roadhouse


Swap the video for Sidebottom scoring from the square and you’re BT and Im Romping Wins in the commentary box.