ANZAC Day build up and changes


Dont forget to @ David J Richardson at every stop.


Probably no changes for mine, line up couple of changes for the melbourne game for them’s that’s knackered.



This is going to be one hell of a game!!

Does anyone know when the additional tickets for the public reserve will be released?


thats legit my favourite bt commentary.


I meant what i said in the other threads. Ill seriously start glassing ■■■■■ post game at the royal


id like to forget rushing players back in.

as much as paddy ambrose is in our best id like to see him fit and play a vfl game first.

unless i guess we do some practice match/match simulation say thursday and he dominates I guess. club knows best.


He played in the vfl on Saturday


hookers back for life as far as im concern.

get me more new midfield debuts.


how did he go?


He did OK apparently.


Do we have a matchup for Hartley? He doesn’t deserve to be dropped on todays performance but my biggest fear with Collingwood is their running capacity not their talls. Reid is ok but hooker surely goes to him & then I think its only Cox for tall forwards unless they bring in Moore. They have a few mid sized guys who are decent overhead & quickish like WHE & of course Stephensen kicked 5 (surely he can’t repeat that) so Ambrose looks more needed. Is Dea going to be available?


well i would get ambrose in for anzac day then for sure.

we need his hardness and pace.


Epic effort WOB


How’s about we debut Clarke and wait for it… use him to tag the ■■■■ outta Sidebottom


You surely can’t believe Ambrose is a better match up for Cox than Hartley?


The key to it is you make sure hurley doesn’t have to defend one out…id leave Hartley in and hive ambrose a run in the magoos


Moore is 3 weeks away.




No change. Guelfi clearly did well and should stay. Begley didn’t get much of it but I was happy with his intensity around the footy. I’m a major Hartley fan and we looked 1000% times more assured down back with Brown out of the side.