ANZAC Day build up and changes


We can hope that Bucks is drinking plenty of his bathwater and celebrating the false dawn of the win in Adelaide.


I’m getting moderate rain on Wed 25th


Essendon site says 17ºC and showers, with significant finger twirling late afternoon


Yes, last time Anzac Day was a Wednesday was in 2012 when we monstered Carlton on the Saturday then lost by 2 points on the Wednesday.

This year is ■■■■ fixturing and I also blame Melbourne and Richmond.

What use is a 10 day break when coming off an 8 dayer, 8 dayer and 7 dayer, only to then have a three day break followed a six day break? We’re going to be chasing tail for a month.

It’s an obvious and easy call to say well essendon and Melbourne can play each other after Anzac Day, but I think on a short break an extra sleep for Melbourne is a massive recovery advantage.

The two Anzac games should have been different rounds, theirs 5 and ours 6. They play Anzac eve then the Sunday, we play this Saturday, Anzac Day, then have a spell.

I’m loathe to whinge about Anzac Day scheduling because you do have cop it a little bit, but I feel this Johnny-come-lately game has stuffed us and a 3 day break before Melbourne, followed by Hawthorn will completely derail our season.


Hadn’t people heard that Bucks (I do like him as he was only 1 of 2 coaches who made time to meet with Hird, during the Saga, at the invitation of the coaches union) is channeling Hardwick. He’s so chilled this year players are responding with irresistible footy.

Make no mistake the Anzac Day hoodoo is back after last years anomaly and the Pies will be hard to beat especially if they bring their trademark heat. If Essendon are off their game 5-10% the Pies will prevail.


More chance of picking the lotto numbers than
The weather 8 days out



Short turn around from Pies to Dees is why we need to play lots of kids against the Dees.
Only the fittest guys should double up, plus guys that dont run much or are Durable

We have a fair bit of coverage if required too may as well test the depth. And I would look at the Melbourne game as a development game. ALso means we really need to beat the Pies.

Heppell, Z Merrett, Smith, Zaharakis Tippa Doubles up Plus one of Daniher/Stewart and Hurley/Hooker
Rest of players get a mini break

B: Redman Ambrose Zerk-Thatcher
HB: Dea Hooker Ridley
C: Long Heppell Smith
HF:J Merrett Brown Langford
F: Tippa Daniher Laverde
R: Leuneberger Z Merrett Zaharakis
Int: Clarke, Mutch McNeice, Mynott

They would still beat our 2016 side and that side beat Melbourne :slight_smile:

Actually the 2016 rd 2 side wasnt that bad

B: Baguley Ambrose Gleeson
HB: Dea Hartley Gwilt
C: Parish Kelly Cooney
HF: J Merrett Brown Langford
F: Tippa Daniher Fantasia
R: Leuneberger Z Merrett Zaharakis
Int: Goddard, Stokes, Crowley, Kommer,


Whoever wins, they’ll struggle to come up again for Rd 6 - competition’s too even. You’re either in tip top mental/physical nick to play the high tempo needed to win games these days, or you’re not and you lose. Scheduling by the AFL is sh*thouse - four days is not enough to get your team ready in modern day footy.


Absolutely should have been the other way around with the long break to following round

But then again ANZAC day is the spectacle so having best players and strong footy from non fatigued players what they prefer $$ wise


If it rains we are ■■■■■■.


yeah but guelfi will be slick


Can do no wrong


As long as we make changes across the short break, rather than just front up with pretty much the same 22 like that infamous time back in the day


So what you are saying is most of the girls wouldn’t mind a bit of rain, and most of the blokes not so much?


so will i be if we win


This game becomes as much about managing the team for the short turn around v the dees as it is about putting the best team on the park to beat the pies


Trouble if it rains. We have the height advantage up front so if it rains we lose that advantage.

Add to that they have been going alot smaller up front and this season actually kicking like it is a small forward line (not bombing it) means the wet weather suits them



Get them in: The Bombers would have looked to bring in Patrick Ambrose for his first game of the season after a wrist injury, but he was suspended for a match in his VFL return. Midfielder Dylan Clarke (40 disposals) and half-back Jordan Ridley (27 disposals) were good in the VFL and will be pushing for a spot.

Under the pump: Josh Begley has played every game so far this year and averaged 11 disposals, but was one of the quieter performers in the Bombers’ win over Port Adelaide.

Medical room: Mitch Brown missed with a calf injury but, given the long break before Anzac Day, he could be right for next week, which means he could come in for Michael Hartley who was the late inclusion on Sunday.

Verdict: John Worsfold backed in his men last week after a poor showing against the Bulldogs and it worked a treat with a much better performance against Port. It seems unlikely there’ll be many changes this round, but the Bombers will have to consider they have a four-day break from round five to six so may consider managing loads over that period. - Callum Twomey