ANZAC Day build up and changes


No a better matchup for WHE or Stephensen - not sure who from today we could play on them effectively. They scored 7 goals between them & we don’t really have a defender that size unless we expect Goddard to play as an accountable defender. Saad, McGrath & Bags all give away about 10cm. Ambrose is still not ideal but he has speed. Dea is probably a better physical matchup but not sure on his fitness.


You win the Internet



Please tell me Jamie Elliot is no chance either


Correct brand of car?


Not sure if I’d rather Joe kick the sealer from 60 or Stringer kick it from the boundary.

Actually maybe Green can seal it with a cheap one over the top that he bangs at their feral cheer squad as they get up to exit the G.


You’d need to ask his FF coach.


Both clubs coming off good wins. This promises to be a massive ANZAC days.

Saad and Smith are going to p*** themselves playing in front of that sized crowd. While Joey and Stringer will pump themselves up for the big occasion.

After today there is plenty for Essendon fans to be excited about. No doubt we have the tools to tear Collingwood apart. It is clear what are best starting structure is.




Gotta be Stewart


so doe can’t do everything it seems.


Not so fast. I have just over 4 days to get a silver Holden ute to WOB.


Outs: The car, water, sobriety.
Ins: The Royal…


And to be fair, you wouldn’t really see the beer in the back off a Patrol.
Poetic license.


Hurley will probably take one of their mid sized forwards. Hartley to play on Cox/Reid I reckon


CLEARLY Green being a carnt is the correct answer


Nah I drive a patrol

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Clear out the fkg nullarbor.




Rare Jason Ashby sighting