ANZAC Day build up and changes


Hope we really set ourselves for anzac day. We always seem to be overawed and a bit deer-in-headlights. We don’t seem to embrace the occasion as much as the pies, as evidenced by their record against us.


In: Laverde
Out: Begley


Need to get my son looked after or I just bring him in grog squad but no royal fml😳


We actually tried parish on sidebottom a couple of years ago but he didn’t have the tank to go with him then. I doubt he does now. I like the idea of Smith on him though. It’s irrelevant though because woosh doesn’t seem to like direct matchups in the midfield. How no one went to Gray on Sunday is beyond me.


All signs seem to say this could be an epic game. Keep the squad as is. Hope we win in a nail biter


Yeah he’s tailing off a bit for mine. Would look at a week off then back through the VFL, then again this is a big gap, might give him the freshen up.


I reckon Ambrose is a better fit for Pies than Hartley. Our best fit for Stephenson, could also go onto one of their smalls


Not many have the tank to go with sidebottom.

while hes a massive front runner, absolute elite runner.


Bringing in a hard nut like Clarke is very tempting. However I think he could have even more impact the following week against the dees when the squad will really need a few fresh players.

Iirc we didn’t make enough changes against the dees last year.

With that in mind no changes this week then v the dees do something like

Out: tbell, myers, begley maybe a tall or two

In: luey, Clarke, lav/Lang, Brown/smack

We also have a short turnaround against Hawthorn the week after which really ■■■■■ me so selection and recovery over the next 3 weeks is very very important.


Correct but if you don’t have the tank you need a bit of something else to drag him down and get him off his game and I think Smith has “that”


I strongly believe if he didn’t have to do 3 players worth of defensive efforts against collingwood he’d ■■■■■■■ bury sidebottom.


Fantasia’s 50th game this week, hope we get the win for him
Also Woosha’s 50th game for the club as coach


Oh dear


50 isn’t a real milestone.


Can everyone just forget they heard that pls?


you on drugs mate


yeah, should be 100 when the sperm count matters…


We always do well for milestone games.




I agree - though it leaves a problem.
Hooker could go to Cox, and kill it, providing some rebound. That would make Hurls accountable for Reid - which is a little iffy, and takes some of his attack out.
I’d go Hooker/Reid, Hartley/Cox, Hurls/Stephenson, Ambrose/WHE
I’d drop Begs for this one.
In: Ambrose
Out: Begley

Begs can join the mids in VFL for a few consistent weeks.