ANZAC Day build up and changes



Don’t forget Fantasia. Always has a big game against Collingwood.

That said, ■■■■■■■■ myself about this game. Collingwood home game so the filth will be swarming the place. Would love to win this one!


We haven’t won on an ANZAC Day Collingwood home game since 2004


Hartley should stay regardless. Spots are earned, not given.


10 fkn days away, … :persevere:


Don’t think Begley is ready should go back to the 2s. Langford in his spot maybe??


I suspect Langford plays VFL on the 21st, having not played since the 7th, and is one of multiple AFL ins on the 29th.


I’d give Begley another run in the VFL and give Clarke a go otherwise no changes


Wasn’t the zaka one a pies home game?


Their tallest defender is Lynden Dunn and he’s only 192cm. Surely we just kick it to Joey who’ll most likely be matched on him.

Could be the game he gets back in form!


No, Was ours. What a day.


OUT - Stringer
IN - Langford

Langford just needs a consistent run at AFL level.


I think a win against the worst side in the comp and then a spirited win in the wet (which was admittedly impressive) is giving people an inflated view of how good Collingwood is. They are a bottom six team imo and have absolutely no cattle in forward and defensive 50.

If it is dry then we should absolutely pump them. Problem is, what we should or should not do has not been relevant for a while.


Both teams have seemingly found some form and confidence.

Going to be a cracking contest

Either need Zerrett going head to head with Sidebottom or Parish tagging him.


Except the Gods of Spelling and Grammar…


No change.
Hooker to Reid, Hartley to Cox, Hurley to Stephanson.


Smith to Sidebottom makes sense, our best fit to harrass the fark out of him and make life difficult


I like this. Will be a good learning experience for his on ball development. And he’ll love the challenge. Definitely a good option to start with.


Can this wait a week.

Anything that takes the focus away from Jimmy Stewart winning the ANZAC day medal is an opportunity lost.