Anzac day - game day thread

Couldn’t find one. Might be to drunk. Or I’m the only one sober enough to start one.

You all know what to do


Rumours that raz might not play


Calling bull ■■■■. 0 credibility


unfortunately it’s true

edit - apparently not true

Parish dropped? Controversial or masterstroke?

Or controstroke?


Put your house on it. Confirmed from sources

Put your house on it first.

Takes one to know one

I was disappointed that Parish got dropped but I certainly don’t want him back in at the expense of Fantasia.

Fantasia lover. GET HIM!

Obviously not doing the right things. He had a cracking game the other week but didn’t set the world on fire last week

And what’s Crazy got to say?

Crazy, over to you.

You’re only here because there is no swans game today

I’m confused by this thread. Is Fantasia playing or not?!

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Pretty much.

He is playing until they announce he is not. No announcement as yet, just twitter stuff.

He’s playing or Alber G will lose his house.

No idea. Have no inside word or knowledge