ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


No way Lav. First game back and 5-day break.

Plus I wouldn’t be dropping Parish for hin


just win, throw the kitchen sink at collingwood and pick up the pieces for geelong.


As if our forward line isn’t potent enough, imagine LAV as an additional weapon, after his 6 goals in the magoos today. Salivating.

HF: Stringer Joey Walla
FF: Lav Brown Raz


Agree with your changes!

What are the chances of them dropping Myers though?



Myersy was actually very good yesterday, however, we need to find a way to fit both Smith & Zaka in.

I also can’t see them dropping the Bagman (due to seniority bias). Unfortunately, I can see a younger player and even Guelfi being dropped (which would be most annoying - as he was also very good yesterday and offers plenty).

My above changes are wishful thinking ones, although I think Smith and Zaka will definitely return. Just frustrating that their return will prolly cost two younger players (who played/are playing well) spots in the side.


Yeah I agree.

Particularly with Guelfi, the amount of effort he puts in, I think it would be a shame to drop him.


After reflecting on the possible changes I don’t think we should have more than 2 changes.

Smith & Zaharakis in
Ham & ? Out

Myers won’t be out. Lav with short turn around & first game back probably shouldn’t be selected despite his Stella performance today.

Langford’s situation is a pure mystery.
Perhaps we held him over as a possible replacement for others in need. Suppose it makes sense but he has hardly set the world on fire in the twos and I think others should be ahead.

After re watching the game again today I am impressed by Redman. Kids a gun.
Stay injury free and he will be a very good player. He is already a very high quality player but he has traits to become elite. He & Ridley, teaming up with Mckeena & Saad with pace, poise dare and great kicking skills.

Hams game yesterday was also good & imo much better than Parish.
He has a bright future.


I really rate Parish on the inside in big games when the going gets tough.

Would be a huge mistake to leave him out. Really needs to be given an inside role.


Personally, I wouldn’t drop Ridley, Redman or Parish for the remainder of the year (unless they were playing sore and needed a rest or massively fell off a cliff). Get as many games into them as possible.


Could just be holding back a mid so someone isn’t coming off a 5 day break.


Leave Ham alone ya big bullies. Pick on someone your own size.


9-day break. We can throw the kitchen sink, the laundry trough and the concrete basin that we keep in the garage at them.


Assuming full fitness.

Out: Hams Bags
In: Zaka Smith

Lav can come in the week after off a longer break. He’s coming off injury and is prone, anyway.

Guelfs, Myers and Parish deserve to stay. All have been playing well.

Strong side.


I must say I noticed Parish stuff it up a few times yesterday, same with Bags.

Maybe Parish for Zaka? And Bags for Smith, although who will play the defensive forward role to help Tippa get free to cause all sorts of havoc?

Whilst this is a marquee game, for me personally I don’t mind if we don’t come out with the 4 points, as long as we come out the following week and bend Geelong over for the pretenders they are on the G.

Collingwood seem to know how to lift for Anzac Day. I don’t remember the last time in recent years where the players look ready for battle more than the opposition. Hopefully it’s this year and we can make it a great battle and lift for the occasion


Any clown on here that thinks Darcy should be dropped need to have a good hard look at yourselves. Fair dinkum


Totally agree let’s face it Bags and Myers are lucky to be in the side. I would stick with Ham for a few more games


Can the ■■■■■■■ brains trust suggsting lav play against geelong just ■■■■ off and die?

have you no consideration for hoodoo?


B: Hooker . Ambrose . Ridley

HB: McKenna . Hurley . Saad

C: Zaharakis . Heppell . Shiel

HF: Brown . Stringer . Fantasia

F: Smith . Daniher . Tipungwuti

FOL: Bellchambers . Merrett . McGrath

I/C: Guelfi . Langford . Parish . Redman


In: Devon, Zaharakis, Mosquito (Debut), Laverde
Out: Ham, Guelfi, Baguley, Myers

B: Saad Hooker Ambrose

HB: McKenna Hurley Redman

C: Zaharakis Heppell McGrath

HF: Brown Stringer Fantasia

F: Mosquito Daniher McDonald-Tipongwuti

FOL: Bellchambers Merrett Shiel

I/C: Smith, Parish, Laverde, Ridley

Emg: Langford, Guelfi, Francis, Ham


Most important change should be someone to play on Sidebottom.