ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


Looks good, although Myers will probably hold his place instead of Langers. Pretty close to best 22.


Importantly with frontbottom we need to apply pressure in the correct places. After an initial burst the #[email protected]! will go quiet and possibly even fall asleep.


But he’s changed his number to break the curse.
Only one way to see if it works.


Some motivation to take these ■■■■■ down


Myers, Ham out, Zaharakis, Devon Smith in.


Baguely OUT - Devon Smith IN
Ham OUT - Zaharakis IN

Guelfi to play same role he did today! None of this backline rubbish for him.

Laverde only on a 5 day break and would like him to back up that performance before he comes in.


And your suggestions on who should be dropped for Zaka and Smith for the Anzac Day match?


Zaka has changed some opinions on the basis of a couple of decent games.


Looks to me our players finally have a taste for something special, Enjoy the ride people.


Why is playing footy on Anzac Day any better than playing a guitar?


There’s a bit of a difference between a game of footy and a rock concert


Mozzie is going to be awesome but don’t think he is ready yet


Ham wasn’t quite ready yet either,but showed something

If the rumour about Tippa being sore and a possible out.
Hope Mozzie is the replacement.
Please give us a Anzac Day debut woosha.


In: Smith, Zaha
Out: Baguley, Ham

Imho Almost everyone has it right (besides the spelling - Hams was delisted)

If Walla is an out I’d keep Ham over Bags tbh but alternatively Lav comes in (short turnaround not ideal)


I thought myers was exelent yesterday. Lot of bashing and crashing inside. He stays in for mine. Ham and bags come out fit the obvious 2. Dev to play more fwd then mid.


Smith for Walla
Zaharakis for Ham
Laverde for Guelfi

Smith, McGrath, Baguley and Fantasia royate through the small forwards. Laverde playing maybe 25% more midfield and only going forward when one of Joe/Brown/Stringer are up the ground or resting.


Changes threads are ridiculous


Agree WOB. It’s poor form.


Honestly, Guelfi can play the pressure forward role as well as Bags can IMO, plus he can push up into the midfield if needed. Guelfi will also still be on the list next year.

Out: Baguley, Ham
In: Smith, Zaharakis

B: Ambrose Hooker Saad
HB: McKenna Hurley Redman
C: Zaharakis Heppell McGrath
HF: Fantasia Brown Smith
F: Stringer Daniher Tippa
R: Bellchambers Shiel Merrett

I/C: Parish Myers Ridley Guelfi

…that’s a damn good team.


Yeah, I just want to reward the form of Laverde.