ANZAC Day - speculation and argument for changes vs Pies 2019


I’ve seen it mentioned that a band has played before, of recent times I only attend home Anzac games, but I don’t ever remember seeing one.

And I’m not talking about the military band either. Does anyone else know of one that has played?


Parish stands up in big games. Stays in.




Oh that does take me back.


Have to agree with this guelf a flexible tough nut offers more then bags at the moment.

Stringer defensive pressure has been massive for us this year and allows for us to play another medium fwd. I think lav can fit in up fwd. Alternately, Smith and Mcg can rotate fwd and both can hit the scoreboard. Mcg has kicked 4 in the last 2 games. Not bad for another back flanker junior who doesn’t kick da goals. Is it?


So much Walla waffle. Played with a cork, has there been anything official or is it self fulfilling prophecy Blitz?


That he had a corky? He had his right hip upper thigh heaving strapped.


That he’s out


Lav will get his chance again soon enough. I just doubt that it’ll be on the back of a 5 day break.


Tippa out if sore - Smith
Hams - Zakka
Bags - Lav

Only changes.


If Tippa is out I reckon you keep Hams in, otherwise yep


IN: Dempsey


Dangerous tackle!


I reckon the same reasons people justify playing AFL on the day, work equally well for a rock concert.


It’s a fair argument. I do like the solemnity in the build up though.


What happens if Mark McGough joined them on drums during the set? Would that embody the ANZAC spirit to an acceptable level?


I don’t understand why we need any pre match entertainment on Anzac day, other than the ceremony in remembrance of the returned service men and women.


Q : when was the last time we had a longer break leading into this game than that filth?




2017 Mark Seymour performed pre-game
2018 Ian Moss performed pre-game

Its not a new thing, I don’t see why there is all of a sudden a whole thing about it.