ANZAC Day ticket information

I am hoping people might be able to provide me with some advice /info about ANZAC Day tix. I am wanting to get 6 tickets for my wife and I and our parents for the game together but with my interstate membership I can only buy 4 upgrades tickets so my next option is to try and buy 6 general admin or non members seats does anyone know if I can do this or how I go about it once the tix go on sale? Or if it is even possible?

My only other option is to buy 4 members upgraded seats then try to get 2 other seats or off eBay or something but does mean we won’t be able to sit together.

I’m a bit of a newbie to buying tix especially for a game like Anzac Day.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



After attending many ANZAC day games and the team continually under performing against the filth, I’ve decided to give this game a wide berth.

Good luck with tickets.


Sounds like the best bet for what you want to achieve, would be to buy another cheap m/ship for yourself or a kid/Missus etc. A 3 gamer would do the trick, then you’ll be able to get your 6 tix all together.

May be cheaper options, but I can;t think of any, outside of someone lending you their m/ship deets for the purpose if they are not going/wanting tix, and as luck may have it, that would not be a rare thing for someone to do here. :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck.

So no promises of cans this year?

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Thanks for the info. So if I had two memberships I could enter both to buy 6 seats together? I just wasn’t sure how that worked like whether I could enter 2 or if I would have to say buy 4/2, 3/3 etc as the chance of the seats being together would be minimal - unless I could merge the memberships together to get the 6 seats.

The cheapest membership is $130 which is the interstate one I have. If I can do that with the memberships then that may be my best bet. The cheaper memberships ( 3 games ) exclude Anzac Day.

I have two friends who are members but they will be using theirs for this game or during the year for other games

Thanks Heffs. The only Anzac Day game I have been to was when we got smashed about 50 pts down in the first qtr was not good

Already looking forward to the rematch later in the season, usually our best chance of not embarrassing ourselves v pies.


from ticket info.

For the ANZAC Day match, members will be able to purchase a maximum of 4 tickets per barcode with a transaction limit of 8 tickets.

So although I’ve never done it, I know I’ve read it here, that what you said there is it,… put 2 barcodes in, buy up to 8 together.

And that is all you need if one of your friends aren’t using theirs for this game, just their Barcode number, not the actual M/ship card.

(Just in case that wasn’t clear, .)

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Ahhh that’s great to know! I had read about the 4 tickets per member but hadn’t seen the 8 ticket transaction limit. I’ll have to see if I can find someone who is a member , maybe a mate who potentially may not use his 3 games and see if I could use that.

I have the Flexi national (3 games) membership which is $130 so guess it comes down to whether I spend another $130 to then get the 6 tickets together. Given there is no GA for this game then 4 would be the limit outside of buying them from a resales or EBay which will probably end up costing more than outlaying another $130. With upgrades to level 2/3 and 2 memberships will run at about $500 so around $80-85 a ticket which isn’t so bad

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You ■■■■■■■


Im already planning heading to the royal to glass ■■■■■ after sidebottom roosts his 6th into the top deck 30 secs into the last qtr


@scotty21 I’m booked into the smash room for when sidebottom kicks his tenth unattended in the goal square.


Oh that’s just designed for post losing to Collingwood again rage

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When do they go on sale?

Booked my accomodation for the Anzac Day game yesterday.


I ended up buying another Flexi National membership so $260 in so far without seat upgrades, with upgrades probably looking at approx. $80-85 a ticket (6 people) so not too bad especially given its ANZAC Day and will probably be the only game I attend this year.

Flights already booked just need accommodation now which i’m not too fussed about given it’s Melbourne


4th of March is members pre-sale

I thought of you straight away.

Thanks bea <3

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