Apparently we are playing Melbourne this weekend

Couldn’t find any reference to this game on Blitz, but my AFL app says its Saturday 19 Sep, 2:10pm

Anyone interested in talking about it?

I hope we play the kids and try players in different positions.

Not for tanking, just for learnings.

Oh, and Clarke in the centre square.


I have been waiiting until somebody made this thread.

Holy crap, people really just don’t care anymore.

I have never seen it this bad.


I hope we kick that oval shaped thing between the big sticks!


More focused in the NFL now


One more game left of the stagnant Worsfold era.

Lose by heaps. Don’t really care. Want high draft pick. Get good player.

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Play Clarke in the centre?
Kick the ball?
Kick the ball through the big sticks?

Don’t be so ridiculous…


I’m actually most excited about getting day drunk to celebrate Woosh’s last game. 25 degrees in Melbs too yeeew!
The game itself will be garbage. Can’t see us getting within 6 goals


I hope we tank it, and St.Kilda or Western Bulldogs miss the 8 because of it. I know it’d mean Melbourne make the 8, but still.

Our seasons ■■■■■■, so we may as well ruffle some feathers if we can.


Wouldn’t mind trying Stewart in defence again. Last chance to play people who are marginal to being on the cannon list.

Win, and we probably finish 11th, potentially as low as 13th. Lose and we will be 13th or 14th. Pick 5-8 depending on how things play out. Melbourne have a lot to play for so it would be hilarious if we beat them.

I hope we utterly fck up Melbourne’s season.

one last chance to get a few tins into me for a while whilst watching the dons, so fk it. im aboard


It’s possible that both Melbourne and St Kilda miss the finals. That would be brilliant.

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I know my post was meant to be read as if I was totally uninterested, with roll on sentences displaying that…lol… and in some ways I am… but honestly I still want us to win, and be impressive in so doing.
Just something, anything…would be nice.

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I’m going to watch my kids play their last game of footy for the season instead of watching this shitshow.


I am torn with this game.

I am alittle emotional with tbell retiring and want him to retire with a win but our club is in such a bad place right now i really want us to lose to secure a high draft pick.

Along with the fact drilling it home to the board that this list isn’t good enough.

All in all im more excited for the off season to see what changes are made if any.


I reckon we’ll win. Will be amusing to boot Melbourne out of the finals. I almost feel sorry for them if they make it, they’re 12 months ahead of us.

Flip side, if we lose I sort of want us lose properly so Dees percentage gets above St Kilda and St Kilda miss the 8. That would be funny.

I want to see something that’s not a complete embarrassment


I want pick 5


We could win and stay 13th (would require Freo to beat the Dogs and Carlton to beat the Lions). If we win and results go as expected we would end up 11th.

If we lose and the Suns beat the Hawks we drop to 14th, if the Hawks win, we stay 13th.

Our most likely outcomes are 11th or 14th imo. Pick 8 vs pick 5.


Nothing we do on Saturday will make the slightest difference to how I feel about this season and the state of the club. I hope we win because I always want us to win.

However whether we win by a mile or by a point, or lose by a point or 100 points, this season has been a disaster, and the club is in a very poor state, with little prospect of quick improvement.