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Microsoft surface is pretty cool wish I had one during uni.


You’ll love the newer spec NVMe HDD. If you thought SSD was the bomb, this’ll be a bigger explosion!


I can only assume it’s a generational thing. I don’t get it but the next gen will probably use them for productivity. Have you ever seen an Apple Store employee use an iPad to type? It’s crazy.


Is this standard on all new models?


I use an ipad. I use it for play: music, games and to read. Reading on it is good for me as I have deteriorating eyesight.

A laptop, no matter how small is a freakin pain to use.

If this thing dies I might look at a Surface or something similar which is essentially an upgraded tablet, sort of. However they are more expensive.


When was ios11 announced? holy moly never thought I’d see an official file manager on an ios device…


Usually the new OS drops within a few days of the next iPhone, so look for it around September


Seems to be so. They advertise the right speed.


I’m referring to the iPad Pro, not iPad. iPad Pro they are trying to push as a laptop killer and getting idiots to pay $1300 for the things. The actual iPad, after the recent price drop, to quote Dwayne Russel, is “crazy good” for the price and if you’re using it as a tablet not a “laptop killer”.


No. Crazy as in they’re crazy good at it? Or crazy that they’re trying to sell them to people as productivity machines?

Having just bought a mechanical keyboard I can’t go back to rubber dome at work. The prospect of using those soft touch keyboards Apple are trying to sell you with an iPad Pro (for like 200 bucks and that’s before we go into the fact that they don’t have a mouse and iOS is still effectively a phone OS) as a bona fide work/productivity machine makes me feel ill.

EDIT: I say that now watching the conference and seeing that they’re going pretty hard at opening up and beefing up iOS for iPad. It is funny watching the smug ■■■■■■■ Federici constantly having to deliver upgrades year after year as if they’ve never been seen before. Punctuation on a touch keyboard’s main screen? File explorer? Much wow, very innovate


They’re crazy fast at typing on an onscreen iPad. In a way I didn’t think possible.

I guess Apple are just making sure if Notebooks ever do go away at least they’ll be the ones selling you the replacement.


I could type way faster on my iPad than I can on my MacBook Air.
I still got rid of the iPad and kept the Air.


At least on the iPad one couldn’t gauge your levels of Blitz angst :slight_smile:


Tablets are not laptop replacements and never will be. The very definition of a laptop is a portable desktop. I’ve no idea why companies keep trying to replace one or the other. I don’t know why they all can’t live together anyway.

If they want to kill something it should be the netbook. My goodness they are awful.


Wish you could open my file!


Lol. Me too.


Maybe someone here can help you.


Who makes Netbooks anymore? They died a long time ago. Are you referring to Ultrabooks ie. Macbook Air and its competitors?


There are still a lot around.


So your saying one device, with a larger screen that can be both your phone and your tablet is what you ended up being content with?

Geez, who could have seen that coming…?