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And all the arguments mounted against such a thing …


I have vivid memory of the suggestion a few years back and Doe in particular thought I was barking mad


The next step it needs to take to reach my vision from a few years ago is Rolos ip9 taking the place of his MBP so he starts a rimfya creation over his morning cornflakes on his docked phone at home, finishes his breakfast, cycles into his office strataing and listening to bell and Sebastian, docks his phone again at the office and keeps working on his creation

This was after the first galaxy note game out, which incidentally had a smaller screen than the iPhone plus’s do now, and only .3 of an inch better than the standard iPhone




I can’t see myself getting another laptop/netbook/ultrabook/MacBook Pro.

Whatever I can do on my iPad transfers to the iMac anyway.


iPhone X and iPhone 8. I’ve had a 6S for about two years and it’s about to be out of contract. I was sort of assuming I’d get one of the new ones but I’m not. Facial recognition? Don’t want it; I’m happy with TouchID. No Home button? No. I like the Home button. Wireless charging? Who cares?

So I’ll stick with the 6s until it’s not doing what I want it to do.


that bezeless phone looks awful.

Samsungs is how it should be, also the xiaomi mi mix is a good way to do it.


Wireless charging lol. My 4 year old Nexus has wireless charging.


I think I will wait for the next year and see what they have. They have a year of complaints and problems to make a better phone.


cant for the life of me understand why people would buy an 8 or even an x over a 7…


Seems to be legit no difference between 7 and 8 apart from name and a glass back

If you don’t want all the bells and whistles of an X and already have a 7, I wouldn’t bother upgrading


Mainly under the hood hardware upgrades other than that not much difference between 7 and 8.


Why does the 8 exist? Why isn’t the X the 8? I’m guessing business reasons only - being able to charge in that higher bracket.


The X isn’t available when the 8 will be.
The 8 is September 22.
The X is in late October. Jake Carlisle already has a line pre-ordered for him.

I’m not getting either.
Have the 7s plus and am happy with it.


Had the choice, ordered the 8 plus, I could not get over the black speaker notch when in landscape, ruined the whole phone. The 8 is basicallu the same anyway


$1500? Are they taking the ■■■■? Can get a mid range laptop for that


I have been on a 6S for the last 2 years and ready for an upgrade. I have also (through the ravages of age) suffered a deterioration in my eye sight so have been looking to go with the bigger screen model. Looking at the 8 Plus as the X is way too pricey.

The camera(s) is the other reason I am justifying the update. All the reviews and comparative images I have seen have the 8 Plus blowing the 6S out of the water.

I also upgraded to iOS 11 overnight. So far so good.


If I were upgrading, that’s the one I’d go for, and for the same reasons. Also, hopefully to get longer battery life. My 6S seems to run down more quickly these days.


Quick question for the folks here who have the larger “Plus” models. How comfy is it to fit in your pockets (front ones)?


I hated it at first.
But the benefit of the screen size meant I no longer needed the ipad mini.

The only time it’s in my pockets is during summer but I’m usually in cargo shorts so it isn’t a big issue. In winter it’s in my jacket pocket. The size and pocket thing isn’t a big issue for me.

Just get the simplest and slimmest cover possible. I’ve been used to putting membership cards / cash in my phone cover so I don’t have to carry a wallet in my pocket for small purchases.