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Technically that’s AR, not VR - arguably far more practical for real world application that chucking a heavy helmet on whenever you wanna plug in

Smart glasses like that are so pervert.

First use is totally going to be guys checking out girls down the beach.

And it really does up a surveillance society. Hope they dont catch on.

Ok I may have an Apple addiction


Anyone have the air pod pros?

Is the noise cancelling good on them?

I guess with the G5 you have your household’s winter heating sorted.

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Yes (and greatly improved from the first generation).

Obviously it will depend a bit on the shape and size of your earholes. They fit and stick much better than Apple’s classic headphones.

I never felt bad about moving to the trashcan, for that very reason.

They are good enough to compete with the ANC you get by getting the over earmuff style headphones?

No (well, at least for the better examples), but it’s not the same market. You either want to lug those things around, or you don’t.

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Not enough:
Mac Pros
Mac minis
Mac laptops
1980s models, eg IISi

WWDC keynote this morning

the big news was Apple Intelligence, which if I understood it right, will allow me to create cucumbers in Essendon jumpers on device


with how apple go, it’ll probs be zucchinis

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Could do eggplant

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