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Law Abiding Citizen ?


That is so so. Collateral is better, Tom Cruise is well cast as the stone dead killer.




terribly overrated. a watch once and never again movie for mine.

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Jamie Fox sure, but Tom Cruise has made many great films.

Magnolia is head and shoulders above all else.

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magnolia is like birdman, critic wank.

I loved Django - purely for Christoph Waltz and Leo.

On another note, 1917 is available for rent on Foxtel. That’s my Friday movie set.

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And Tom’s performance?

Everyone is great in that movie.
I don’t know what more people could want from a movie.

Even John C Reilly is good in that movie!

Edit: movie.


I enjoyed it also.

Barnz taste in movies almost rivals Noonans

I agree with Barnz. Especially when it comes to Birdman.

Plenty of great Cruise films though:

Rain Man
Risky Business
Eyes Wide Shut

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Birdman and Magnolia are a wank but Eyes Wide Shut…now there’s a movie.

I’m not sure why Magnolia keeps getting compared to Birdman. Although I enjoyed some of the technical aspects of Birdman, it is most definitely a wank. But Magnolia actually has a story and is incredible on many levels.

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Yep. It’s a masterpiece and actually at its heart a very simple tale of jealousy and ego in a relationship.

Magnolia has some very effective moments but the sum of the parts don’t work for me.

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I enjoyed jack reacher, minority report american made, even edge of tomorrow.

Hes had some terrific cameos as well.

Thank you for reminding me.
I think Tropic Thunder is my favourite Cruise role.


He was the best part of that movie


I thought he did a good job in War of the Worlds.

Cruise is actually a really good actor imo. Has done some really enjoyable films

Edge of tomorrow
The last samurai
mission impossible 3 and up
Jerry Maguire
Jack reacher( the first one is brilliant)
War of the worlds
Minority report
Few good men



I honestly think the whole barmy whack job thing is largely Scientology’s making.

they’ve got him by the balls.

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