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Part 2 begins now.

Can’t wait for artemis fowl on disney plus

Blues Brothers the other night on SBS- what a cast and that soundtrack. America’s gift to the world.


A bit late by the schedulers, but Contagion is getting a run on telly this Thursday night. Happy stuff, apparently.

Red Dragon is also very good.

The director would be very familiar with the dark recesses of the mind to give the film authenticity.

Spoiler…has a happy beginning. Gwyneth Paltrow dies early doors and Jude Law’s Australian accent is appalling.


Getting a run in every other channel too

You are kidding ?
I thought he was going for Seth Efriken.

From the previous movie thread: l am with KM on this one, l find Manhunter to be the best of all the movies featuring Hannibal Lecter.

(From Killer_Mike in the last movie tread)
Any of these films will blow your socks off:

Manhunter (Early Michael Mann film based on the Thomas Harris book Red Dragon)

Runaway Train (if you liked the Denzel film Unstoppable about the runaway train then you will like this)

Thief ( Michael Manns first film and still stands up very well)(Basically any Michael Mann film will get you there)

Blow Out ( John Travolta’s best film)

The Vanishing (Dutch film that is one of the best thrillers of all time - Do not touch the Hollywood remake)

The Stunt Man (Very unique story)

To Live and Die in LA (William Friedkin is a master)

80’s thrillers come with that very “80’s” vibe to them with some cheesy lines and the distinct 80’s soundtracks so they may not be of your taste but give them a crack.

Concur with the 3 movies highlighted, 2 of them Runaway Train and The Stuntman are in my top 5 farorite movies of all time. The Stuntman is a real genre bender, part drama, part comedy, part action and a little romance thrown in as well. Unique is an apt description, l know no other movie like it.

As for Runaway Train, l made a bit of a study of it at one stage. When l was in teaching in Thailand, l met a guy who had done a film script writing course with Edward Bunker, a real life crim who plays Jonah in Runaway Train and who co-wrote the screenplay. We watched it again one night and talked extensively about the movie. I also love the soundtrack to this movie by Trevor Jones, one of those rare times when the soundtrack takes on a life of its own.

l will recommend on more 1980’s movie, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. Features David Bowie, Tom Conti, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takeshi and Jack Thompson. Sakamoto also did the soundtrack which is outstanding. This is a WW2 prison drama but with a significant difference, it is not about any escape attempt, but rather about the two different ways tese cultures preceived each other.


Anyone mention Cape Fear yet?

(Neither know nor care when it was made. )

The Robert Mitchum version or Deniro?

Manhunter is so underrated it’s not funny.


The Tooth Fairy is an epic bad guy


Caught Midway last night. An interesting combination of good and bad. The history was surprisingly accurate and the CGI extremely authentic (with the nitpicky exception of aircraft getting smacked around or tossed all over the place by explosions and not crumpling up like the fragile tinfoil tubes they mostly were). The plot was standard hollywood war movie cliche cardboard-character drek mostly (though they did at least kill major characters when history dictated), but many of the directorial decisions were just utterly bizarre. The battle scenes were badly laid out, oddly slow, and the choreography had everything going from all the wrong directions. And there was a ~15 minute diversion into the Doolittle raid which only served to distract from the main plot, to the point where they actually cut out a major part of the actual frigging Midway battle (the Japanese counterattack and the destruction of the Yorktown) and just replaced it with a line of dialogue. I can only assume they did this to add some chinese content to the film in order to make it more attractive to the Chinese market, but jeez from a storytelling point of view it stank.

I’ve seen a lot worse war films, but jeez this could have been so much better with a bit tighter script and more attention to detail from the director. It’s one of the cases where they tried to make it more accessible and only made a tense, interesting story less coherent.


Excellent, will watch.


why didn’t gloop save her?

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Brightburn was a pretty freaky creepy supey loopey affair - recommendable.

Essentially a Superman rip off with a dark twist. Enjoyable though.

This was fun.

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Collateral is tom cruise and Jamie fox’s best movie.