At the movies - From the couch

It is a solid movie.
Predictable brotherly live ending.

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Writers for cop movies…always…

  1. It’s the main guys last day/week, and he’s seen too much ■■■■ in his lifetime. Anyone partnered up to this guy will be killed.

  2. The next tier of police upwards or adjacent county always come in and take over the investigation, just by simply saying they’re going to take it over. A fight usually breaks out between officers.

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If a promise is made by a cop to his partners wife to look after him, that cop is getting hurt real bad.


If a black guy is surrounded by 20 cops he’s getting the ■■■■ kicked out of him and possibly murdered. Oh wait, that’s not a movie

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Saw The Dry - Force of Nature yesterday.

Don’t bother. It’s a clunker from beginning to end. Muddled storytelling, over-complex plot, wooden acting (even from Eric Bana, but that was probably because of the crappy lines he had to deliver), just a complete mess.

Saw The Holdovers yesterday. Really enjoyed it. Paul Giamatti is brilliant as the grumpy old school style teacher who is charged with looking after the kids at a New England prep school who don’t get to go home for Christmas. He has been nominated for an Oscar for this role - unsurprisingly. Strong performances all round by lesser known actors.

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I thought the book was very poor too…i’ll still buy anything she writes.


Probably the only upcoming marvel movie worth watching, even then, the schtick is wearing very thin.

Just stop, Marvel.

Deadpool would have to be my favourite Marvel movies along with Guradians of the Galaxy

This the last one i think

Second trailer this looks really good cant wait


The Revenant - Leonardo

Well, I’m only 2/3 of the way through, but it was getting late.It’s exhausting to watch the physical and emotional struggle

It’s insanely immersive. Incredibly well shot and acted. No doubt about the 3 Oscars for the lead, direction and cinematography.

Will finish it tomorrow night (no spoilers just yet)


The beekeeper is worth all the buzz about it.


Seen it 4 times amazing movie and performances.


watched the royal hotel on Foxtel last night . good Aussie movie. 2 american backpackers find themaelves in an outback Aussie pub. pretty good slow burn tense thriller. Julia garner (Ozark) very good in this. Hugo weaving does Hugo weaving and is almost a cameo in this. good story , script and acting all round

Based on this?

I was surprised at some of those ratings after watching it. some of the reviews are comparing to wake in fright, parts of this movie I felt were a bit jarring , certainly uncomfortably tense , so that might explain the wide variety of ratings .