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That was the Anita Cobby murder, wasn’t it?

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I didnt think it needed a sequel until I saw this trailer.

I tried to read Nick Cave’s script for his suggested sequel.

I got about half way through it, which I think is more than any film execs did.

He’s been a spent force for well over a decade.

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Insomnia - Robin Williams, Al Pacino, Hilary Swank.

Christopher Nolan directed this, but you couldn’t really tell. It’s just an ok Hollywood suspense/murder mystery. Worth a look if you are struggling for choice.


I totally agree it doesn’t feel like a Nolan movie.
off the breakthrough success of Memento, I always thought of Insomnia as a bit of an exercise for Nolan proving to Hollywood execs that he could be a blockbuster director and handle stars and a bigger budget by making a really safe movie, without all the intricate plot twists and non-linear narrative stuff etc. And it worked because the next thing he directed was Batman begins.

It feels exactly as you described.

Haven’t watched it for years but I enjoyed it at the time. Robin Williams had two movies come out close together that weren’t comedy’s. Insomnia and One hour photo. It was kind of a proving ground situation for Williams as a serious actor as well. I also enjoyed One hour photo.

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It proved what I’d always thought, that he was a disturbing sort of dude, and disturbed. Chanelled it very well. I saw both around the same time too, good films

Was Insomnia just an English-language remake of a Scandinavian movie?

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I think i got scarred from that sort of thing, where the Dutch director went to the US to remake The Vanishing, and they “Americanised” it by not having such a bleak ending.

Americanised? Vandalised. Ruined it.

This was pretty good. WW2, based on a relatively unknown true story.

During WWII, two intelligence officers use a corpse and false papers to outwit German troops.


I watched that on a flight to somewhere a little while back. Good little movie.

The Man Who Never Was, a 1956 Brit film was about Mincemeat


Made a “happy ending” and not the massage parlour type.

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The Exorcist 3 (1990)
Directed by William Peter Blatty (based on his novel Legion)
Cast: George C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Brad Dourif, Jason Miller


Fifteen years after Father Damien Karras died during an exorcism on a 12 year-old girl, a series of murders bearing the hallmarks of the Gemini killer - executed 15 years prior - are investigated by detective William Kinderman (this time played by George C. Scott). At a local psychiatric facility, a long-term John Doe patient who bears a striking similarity to Karras emerges from a catatonic state, claiming he is the Gemini and that he was responsible for the killings. Kinderman’s investigation reveals that powerful forces beyond the physical realm are at play.

Following the enormous critical and commercial success of The Exorcist and the universal derision of The Exorcist 2: The Heretic, the third instalment in the series is a film that seemed to fade into semi-obscurity. It gained some notoriety when it was revealed during the Jeffrey Dahmer trial that the Milwaukee serial killer was obsessed with the movie, but more recently critical reappraisals have been mostly positive; prominent British film critic Mark Kermode is on record as saying Exorcist 3 is better than William Friedkin’s original. I can’t agree with that, and I suspect not many others would either, as Friedkin’s Exorcist is a film of rare quality and power. While it’s certainly not a great film, I found Exorcist 3 to be extremely watchable, slightly unsettling at times and with impressive performances from Brad Dourif and Jason Miller, who appear by turns as the John Doe patient. The film was subject to a lot of studio interference, and the demanded exorcism scene at the end does feel a little tacked on and out of place. I wasn’t enamoured with Scott’s performance, and some of the attempts at snappy dialogue early in the film felt incongruous to me, but I liked the movie. I can see the potential for it to have been something very, very good, but I felt it fell a bit short on several fronts to have achieved that. The film does feature one of the all-time great jump scares, and also has odd (and very minor) cameos by Fabio and Patrick Ewing.

I’d be curious to know if anyone on here has seen it, and am interested to hear what you thought of it.

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twisters is good, not great

nowhere near as good as the original

in the first one it felt like the characters were in real peril being anywhere in the vicinity of the twister. This one not so much