At the movies


Birdman sucked( though i did see it after everyone had rave about it)


Birdman was great.

Paranormal Activity ruined horror for me, don’t want to feel that way anymore.


Went and saw IT last night, I’ve never been in a theatre before where everybody was reacting to a movie like that. I don’t get jumps and scares in horror movies, but MAN did I do some jumping last night. Dude was sitting by himself two seats over, I said “Mate you didn’t come to a horror movie by yourself did you, what if you freak out?” He says “nah mate I’ll be right”. He left 45 minutes in, hahahahaha.

Excellent film, they flaming nailed it and smashed the original out of the park. Whoever the clown guy was will haunt me.


I went with a reviewer friend of mine to a special reviewer only screening of mother! two days back. He did a major dodgy to get me in as I am a massive Aronofsky fan.

Holy hell, it is insane. Like totally insane. Unlike anything you have seen or will see again. It’s the cinematic equivalent of being assaulted for two hours. I think I loved it, but I’m also my sure that my brain is capable of thinking anymore.


Sounds like two films to see back to back!


I went yesterday and saw IT and whilst I thought it was better than the original, I didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as you have said it was.

I don’t know if I am a hard marker on horror movies or what, but I think a lot of people will be disappointed after seeing it after your recommendation.

It was solid without being spectacular IMO, plus it looks like they are already going to make a sequel to it in which it goes further into the part of the original that I absolutely loathed as well which sucks.

I’d give it a solid 7/10.





Man I can’t do horror films, the original scared the crap out of me as a kid. I don’t see the value in scaring the ■■■■ out of myself for 2 hours (and paying money for it)

There are even billboards for a new American Horror Show episode… and the pictures are making me feel ill (the whole play is on holey skin) eek


You are right. Wan-ky b-ullshi-t cr-ap


I watched ‘Captain Fantastic’ last night, for the third time. I highly recommend it. It’s original and a very funny film.


Went and saw It. Enjoyed it but not nearly as scary as I hoped


Went to Captain Underpants (think that’s what it’s called) with my 7 and 9 year old. Whilst I spent most of the time on blitz I kept looking across at them and they loved it.

Probably have to have read the books, but worth it, they had a ball.


Just back from IT with LMW.
We both loved it.
By far my favourite part was the fix-it-up Eighties montage.


Is that the one with Viggo Mortenson?
if so, saw it at Nova & liked it.


this is an absolute 100% long shot.

a couple of years ago someone here posted a youtube video of a trailer for some horror movie, made probably in the late 70s early 80s, and the best way I can describe it is that it was like being stuck in a salvador dali inspired surreal sort of uneasy dream like state, and I believe it was set in an old hotel

Ive been trying to find the movie for ages, but cannot for the life of me come across it anywhere

I am reasonably sure it was also a foreign movie, italian or spanish maybe

like I said, absolute long shot, but would be sweet if anyone knows the movie im trying to find


Sounds like a scene from Twin Peaks.

Oh… foreign.


Just typing it out jogged my memory a bit, I found it


I must be on another level to some of you, I love horror movies, watch a ton of them, and thought ‘IT’ was magnificent and legitimatiley unnerving. I fcking hate jump scares but damn it, this movie got me and most of them made sense. Shat all over Conjuring and any of the other attempts at horror in recent years. If you have better horror movies I’m happy to hear them, I can’t think of many that left me unnerved like this. I think ‘Lights out’ and ‘Babadook’ were probably up there but for mine this is legit good and deserves praise. Annabelle was shizen and I don’t rate many others.

I think the ending got bogged down a little, but the performances from everyone, including Skarsgard who played Pennywise and all the kids were fantastic. They were trying to go for the Stranger things vibe and it mostly worked. And yes, a million times better than the original. Not a flawless film ,but definitley an 8 or 9 for mine. I enjoy a good villian, and ecspecially something thats actually unnerving, which is rare. I said to the Mrs’ during the film that these kids are going to be mentally farked for life regardless of what happens from here.

Spoiler thoughts here:
The Projector scene was genuinely unnerving. You knew something was coming, but when it came out of the screen trying to eat them, farkkkk. That probably the best horror scene for many years. Also Georgie getting his arm eaten off was unexpectedly gorey for a kid…it actually made me uneasy to actually see a poor kid having his arm eaten.


Mate agree 100% with your spoiler. My Mrs turned away and couldn’t watch, then when that happened I jumped a mile.


No one makes horror movies like Essington tho.