At the movies


Different is good.


Different as in it had graphic violence? That’s the only thing different about it.


I rate most marvel movies like mr robot, tedious and boring.


Wash your mouth out, son


I would happily watch a standalone movie of Kong and Miek. One of the funniest characters I have seen in a film in a long long time. Stole every scene he was in


I love the Marvel movies.
I thought Ragnarok was up there as one of their best they’ve put out. Which was a surprise to me because I had the first 2 Thor movies as probably the worst in the series so far.

Winter Soldier is my favourite, it’s just a great action/thriller.


Date night with Mr Heff- first of the year. Watching Bladerunner. Hope it’s as good as you lot have said!


Logan’s not MCU and I don’t personally think grim and gritty = quality. Thought it was over hyped.

SMJ you need to watch Winter Soldier. Perhaps the best movie on its own in the MCU.


Bladerunner was fickken AWESOME.


Looking forward to Thor big time. Won’t be taking it seriously, as that is obviously not what the movie is about.


I did too, actually. Dark and depressing doesn’t = quality. It was OK and I’m sure having the R rating and Wolverine killing was cool and all that, but something about seeing Wolverine and Xavier broken down, old, retirement village bound and utterly depressed and miserable for 2 hours, with a lot of death thrown in really kills the enjoyment.

I like dark and gritty but man, talk about overkill. I want my movies to have some enjoyment.


Personally, I prefer them without spoilers.


Are you talking to me? Not sure which spoilers you’re referring to?


I was referencing your post, yes.
Do you not think you’ve dropped a spoiler in there?
Maybe I’ve misunderstood it.


No spoilers, unless you care to point out which part you think was? Nothing different than saying Dark Knight rises was darker and grittier than the others. Everything I said was clearly present in the trailers for the film.


Forget it. Pointing it out would make things worse.


I know we have our disagreements, but you’re pushing it if you think there was anything even remotely spoilery about my post. Star Wars has spaceships and battles too, hope that’s not spoiling things. Or watch the trailer and tell me what I spoiled for you that wasn’t in my post about it:


CB’s original post about Logan had spoilers in it???


Spoilers below

What the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you let things go?
Based on your reply, I misunderstood your post - like I suggested.
You said ‘Wolverine killing’. I read that as a major spoiler. When you were surprised, I said “forget it, I must have misunderstood”. I didn’t want to highlight the actual point - because that would be a spoiler.
Do you get it now?


Is Deckham taking the ■■■■ or simply the most angry, overracting poster on Blitz especially when people disagree with him?

Wolverine killing people is a spoiler? Seriously? Because you’ve embarrassed yourself, I’ll explain it for you:
The movie was R rated and unlike the X-Men films Wolverine physically tears people apart (with blood), which was a talking point around the film. In previous X-Men films they don’t show that extent of blood. Hence what I said in my original post. So Wolverine killing people is not a spoiler, you angry man! Space battles in Star Wars and armies fighting in Lord of the Rings isn’t either.