At the movies


Logan was the best superhero movie I have seen in years.

I prefer my superhero movies gritty. Having said all that I did really enjoy the latest Thor- mainly for the humour and The Hulk.

There is so much potential for a Hulk movie if done right. The Hulk in this one is by far the best adaption. Ruffalo just nailed it in this




Nobody tell Deckham Batman has fights, it’ll ruin things for him.


Yeah, I can’t see how Wolverine killing can be considered a spoiler, considering the fact they show it in the trailers, MA15+ rating and promo material etc. It’s like saying there will be a lightsabre fight in a Star Wars movie.

Saw Thor yesterday and really enjoyed it. Entertaining and you can tell that no one took it seriously bar Cate Blanchett.


Sorry Deckham - I understood what you were getting at when you posted about spoilers but I agree with CB on this one. Dont think what he posted was a spoiler as I already knew it was darker, thus by extension I expected what CB stated. And just to add I’m someone who hasn’t watched the film yet.


One of the all time great overreactions from Deckham. The trailer shows Wolverine killing people!

Apparently the kid from 6th Sense sees dead people also?


offhand comment about safespace in 5 4 3 2 1…


I like the Hulk but I haven’t see a good standalone film with him in it yet, which is probably because they follow the King Kong script, which is girl tries to care for big misunderstood beast. I do like Ruffalo tho.


I agree.
I said at the start - I may have misunderstood.
What I didn’t want to do…is elaborate on why I misunderstood. For obvious reasons.


Farkinhell you’re a piece of work, seriously.


Deckham, you’ve had a massive sook and embarrassed yourself because you thought I was giving away spoilers when it’s pretty easy to say I wasn’t and everyone could easily tell I wasn’t. In fact I wasn’t even being rude in genuinley asking how you thought it was a spoiler but you cracked it with your “OMFG” post. Once again it’s another thread that’s turned into something because you target me and have anger issues. What I said in my original post, 99.999% of people would be aware of from the trailer alone let alone basic logic. Wolverine killing people in all it’s gorier rating form is about as basic common knowledge as you can get, which is on par with saying the film is darker and grittier and saying Captain America uses his shield or the Hulk goes big and green when he’s angry. Don’t get angry with me because you’ve misunderstood a basic post about a movie with no spoilers. Maybe the correct reply would be “sorry mate, I thought you were giving a spoiler” instead of finding any chance to rage.


Anyyyywayyyyy, ‘Happy Death Day’ is OK if you’re in the mood for a lazy night. It’s basically a standard slasher meets Groundhog Day.


Wait Hulk is the Green one?!


The standalone Hulk with Edward norton was decent. The one with Bana was just awful.

I do think if the do a standalone Hulk movie, I think if you added in ScarJo’s character I think they could create something pretty memorable. Need the right director though to bring it all together.

Anyone see the trailer for the new step dad movie with Wahlberg and Ferrell?! Looks absolutely awful, the first one wasn’t even that funny. Haven’t seen Ferrell in anything decent for ages


Love those groundhog style movies. Looking forward to seeing this.

Loved Groundhog Day, source code and thought Edge of Tomorrow was one of the best films of that year


theres a pretty memorable gif involving these 2 that posting here would result in a ban.


I’m out, carry on with your bullshit.


Reckon you’ll like it then, Edge of Tommorow I really enjoyed. I liked Happy Death Day just felt it could have been better as the idea was pretty cool but the characters didn’t do much for me.


Is there a more overrated movie than Scorsese’s The Departed?


We need two movie threads. One for people with wrong opinions and one for everyone else.