At the movies


Yeah, I liked Ben Affleck film The Town better than this.


Mystic River was A+, Gone Baby Gone was good too.


I usually like Damon but his performance was very subdued in comparison to the OTT performances from the rest of the cast.


Yep, both of those films are awesome in comparison.

Scorsese’s signature films are generally are amazing but I thought he was below his best for this.

Ben Affleck may be an average actor but he makes a very good director.

Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo are all outstanding.

Spotlight was another Boston film that was of a high quality.


Highlight of the film was The Dropkick’s Shipping Off to Boston on the soundtrack

Made them pretty popular for a while there too


They do a lot of stuff for Red Sox wins too.


In my heart of hearts i feel the accuser should have just let sleeping dogs lie with this one.


Spacey has now spoken about it and has basically said he doesn’t remember it at all and that he is sorry it happened. He also took the time to admit he was gay (shock horror, never saw that coming).

I actually find it interesting and it is something that is rarely talked about. One person acts in an inappropriate way and then moves on with little or no memory of the incident. While the other person is left with something that they carry for the rest of their life and deeply impacts them.

Sometimes little things (not that this was a little thing) can have a very big impact on peoples lives and a lot of people will just tell them to “get over it” or talk it down. I have talked with girls who had their butts grabbed by some guy on a bus and it has devastated them. Instead of being supported and upset that it is has happened people have told them to just “get over themselves” and it was “harmless”. If you feel violated, it isn’t harmless and it isn’t okay.

I am glad Hollywood and other industries of the same ilk are getting blown up and I hope it continues unabated for some time so that this crap can be cleaned out.


On the topic of Jack, his character is based on Whitey Bulger but it’s just really Jack again. Depp in Black Mass is a much better portrayal. The dinner scene is down right menacing


I’ll have to check it out.
And find out who directed.

On Scorsese, geez…I don’t even care if you didn’t like The Departed.
He’s seriously Kubrick level.
And is well and truly entitled a dud film or two.

And The Departed might not be everything you’d want it to be, but it’s no dud.



Pumpernick Bumbersnatch!
I’m so there!


Johnny Depp wearing make-up, what a surprise! I remember watching this in cinemas and thinking some of Depp’s scenes were good. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done anything decent in a very long time.




Wow. The Movie thread has left Kansas Toto …

Blitz is bored.


Carry on mate.

Who said Scorsese was no good?

Yes, he’s entitled to a bad film. The Departed is not one of them just no where near his best work which is as good as any director ever.


Here are some movies that I wouldn’t consider mainstream and loved. Going off some of the posts in this thread, some of you might enjoy them.

A Prophet (2009) (Subtitles)
City of God (2002) (Subtitles)
Léon: The Professional (1994)
Eastern Promises (2007)
Sexy Beast (2000)
Layer Cake (2004)


All good films. Just watched Sexy Beast recently actually.


Has anyone seen The Leprechaun series of Horror Movies? If so, any good?


Saw Blade Runner 2049 on Saturday and loved it.

The trailer they showed before it looked interesting:
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

Weird title, but it looks awesome. Stars Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson. All I can say is, you wouldn’t want to mess with that woman.