At the movies


City of God is my favourite foreign film. I haven’t seen Eastern Promises but really enjoyed A History of Violence.


i love that movie!!


Judging by some recent threads on blitz, there appears to be a few “little ze’s” lurking around the place.
But great film, watched it a number of times.
Leon also a great film. Such a great performance by a young natalie portman. A shame that she never lived up to it again. Although she was good in black swan too.


Lasted about 10-15 minutes into the first 1


Not worth the download?


On the discussion of foreign films, Incendies and Secret in their Eyes have to be two of the best.


Me too.

One of Goldmans best roles, not to mention‎ Jean Reno who played the part so believably , and the amazing performance by the young Portman.

Brilliant Filum. (As my Old man used to say … )


Everything Ben Kingsley said on that movie made me feel scared and laugh at the same time.

You would probably like Eastern Promises then.

In my opinion, it has the most realistic fighting scene in movie history. Viggo Mortensen fights completely naked throughout the entire scene and really hurt himself filming it.


If you enjoyed City of God, you might also like Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite).


Depp needs a character to inhabit, he’s no leading man. If there is any Depp left onscreen the performance suffers from his complete lack of personal charisma


lol gold


LOL. Not as good as Troll 2.

Leprechaun In The Hood is the only one I can remember.


It was pretty mainstream.

Layer Cake was good.

You’d both probably like “Love, Honour and Obey” (2000).


I grew up reading Marvel Comics and some DC ones too.
I’ve got the run of Xmen and FF from issues 1 + heap other titles like Conan.
Anyway, I just love the Marvel Universe.
For me Xmens, Days of Future Past is by far their best movie.
Along with First Class.
The type of movies I can rewatch and still enjoy


Watched Leprechaun at the astor yesterday as part of the 24 hour spooktacular. It was the final film and I have to admit I enjoyed it.


That scene (in Leon) where Natalie comes back with the groceries is amazing.


There was an awesome Star Wars reference in thor for those who have seen it


The only thing I can remember from watching it as a 12-14 year old is:

“This old lep, he played one,
He played pogo on his lung…”


The Insider has stood the test of time.

Michael Mann has made some great films but this one Along with Manhunter is a neglected gem.

The acting is incredible and the direction is near perfect.


Was that the agribusiness corruption one with Matt Damon?

Or Russell Crowe?