At the movies


Add it to the best film thread too


Will do! I’ll compile a list in the best films thread…


I went through the On Demand movies last night…one section was ‘90 Years of Oscar’, and it will be shown again. I set it to record.


10.25pm this Tuesday


Thanks AN, found it, taping Mrs Miniver (on your list) and Bridge over the River Kwai also, haven’t seen either, heard both are very good.


I watched The Book Thief tonight, based on the Marcus Zusak novel about a young girl in WW2 Germany. It starred Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nélisse as the book thief.

I hadn’t seen her since she played a key role as a 10-year-old affected by her teacher’s suicide in the excellent French-Canadian film Monsieur Lazhar.

I think she’s 17 now, but this girl can act.


:slight_smile: It was on a while ago, so I taped it, haven’t got around to watching it yet, might try to find some time this afternoon to watch it.


First reviews of Alex Garlands Annihilation are looking positive.

If it’s half as good as Ex Machina then its going to be very good.


Trailer looks awesome. Do you know when it comes out in cinemas?


From what I can tell it looks like it wont be getting a cinema run here.

Looks like Netflix could be releasing on 12th March.

Could be wrong though as there are conflicting articles.


I started watching On the Waterfront last night.

Struggling and went to something else about halfway through. Like James Dean, I just don’t get the Brando love…not at all.


Only getting a cinema release in US, Canada and China. Everywhere else straight to Netflix mid March.


Yep, doesn’t have enough superheroes in it unfortunately.


Apparently they did a test screening where the results indicated it was too cerebral for the average punter. So they decided to hedge their bets and guarantee money in most foreign markets by selling most foreign rights to Netflix. Could be the way of the future.


It will do well on Netflix.

It’s a shame that films like this can’t get wide release though.




Because the general public want ‘new stuff’ but they don’t they want old ideas in new wrappings and blockbuster marvel movies.


A great deal of the discussion in here is about superhero movies.

They are the flavor of the month unfortunately.





It’s sad when you think of it like that.